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it sure is hot...


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i got the QX6800 running on the Maximus Formula board last night.

i just couldn't resist any longer...

the temps seem to be running a tad high, even with the Ultra120 cooler.


i used Artic Silver, and did so properly... :lol:

i have a 133CFM Scythe fan on there now, and am going to add a high speed Yate Loon on the opposite side in a push pull config this afternoon.

right now the temps are 42,36,32, and 35.

it does manage to stay below 60 loaded.

that is at 3.207 267X12

as a comparison my FX-60 is about 28 and 20 at idle in the same room.

there is some grumbling on the web that the temps may actually be inflated by an error in the BIOS...

could the temps actually be lower and just be reported incorrectly?

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it is not on auto...

it is all on manual.

i just bumped the multi from 11-13.

one of the reasons i sprung for the QX chip.

now i am going to start creeping up with the FSB leaving the ram at 1:2.

i am hoping i can get to 277X13 which will put me at 3601.

i just have to keep an eye on the temps...

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