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  1. i am trying to find it in the bios. i will look again. thank you.
  2. Hi fellas. i have been gone for quite sometime. i became addicted to riding my Harleys lol. i drug the old bench rid out of the closet and i am trying to run it a 4GHZ. it is an E8600 Engineering sample and i ran it here at 5GHZ in the old competitions. i have my multiplier at 10 and my FSB at 400. this has it at 4 GHZ. when i run cpuz the speed flucuates like there is some kind of throttling going on. i seem to remember turning something off to prevent this but cannot remember what it was. any help?
  3. unless your target is the size of a large truck... let me know how that works out 4 you... most 1000 yard match teams shoot M1 garand rifles.
  4. unless you can afford an M1... this is a good alternative. shooting 1/4" groups at 100 yds out of the box is very good for a pirece under $1000. a match grade M1 will be $2000+ http://www.gunblast.com/Savage10FP-LE2.htm
  5. those pipes are from Rinehart Racing and added about 13 HP on the dyno. the Screaming Eagle Heavy Breather air cleaner added an additional 3 HP. with all the mods i have done it is 80 HP and 85 ft/lbs of torque. yes i overclock my bike too... it still will not run with that Honda thru the twisties but will go 0-60 in less than 5 seconds. there is nothing like getting on a modern motorcycle and grabbing a hand full of throttle. except maybe sitting on the girls lap in that car...
  6. nice bike... :thumbs-up: i love riding those but cannot do so for more than about 45 minutes due to back issues. they are great for their intended purpose... going flat out thru chicanes. here is mine. i can still walk after riding 500 miles. the faggot thing is really kind of silly.
  7. here is what they think about our questions... i thought things like that are our business...
  8. here is a "link" that explains why i make this point... the material is from before the election but does not have anything to do with changing any of the content... Obama couldn't be cleared this is one major sticking point that we know he would never agree to... IF THERE IS SOME hesitancy to accept that Barack Obama's associations would have precluded his obtaining a TS clearance with compartmented information access, it should be realized he would have had to pass both a polygraph test and a personal psychological evaluation. What are the chances of his being willing to take these tests, to say nothing of his passing, in light of his refusal even to make his educational records available?
  9. if you want to dig up a thread from before November the links are there... we are not supposed to do that. i am not going to the trouble to post them again. it is quite easy to see what a standard DOD security form looks like. google is your friend.
  10. nothing actually... you just pointed out that i need to post links to facts... :thumbs-up:
  11. for all those who insist on blaming Bush... Can you say Barney Frank? there is your link Verran... :thumbs-up:
  12. there were links provided before the election and you were involved in the thread. a simple google seach will show the facts as presented. you should seek the truth for yourself... i cannot help the fact that attacking the messenger and trying to discredit them are traits of the democrat party. all of this is pointless when you are dealing with people who refuse to face the truth. it will all come to fruition soon enough at the expense of our county and all of your 401K's...
  13. unlike you i am already very well educated and have a Mechanical Engineering degree... i am not trying to join the cesspool of lawyers that helped to create the majority of the mess we are in now. i own my own very successful businesses and have employess of all races and gender. i even employ legal Mexicans... you do not care for my posts because they attack your candidate with the truth. in all this name calling and attempts to discredit me you never address any of the things i have pointed out. you avoid them and try to change the subject just like a good little democrat. you may not call yourself a democrat but you have the game down quite well. what you have to understand is that many of us are Americans and are not from either party. we are trying to resist the onslaught of socialism against our country. you are the one acting like a troll, not me. i did not come in here flaming you and trying to change the subject. you did that to me. i responded to a statement that he had passed various security clearances. this is not true and has been proven. every one of my employees has to pass these security clearances and i am quite familiar with them. he would have been disqualified in the vetting process to work for us because of the fact he could not pass the background checks to even look at the drawings... links were provided when the subject came up before the election. if people want to know the truth they should seek it out for themselves. you also attacked me for posting the fact that he wanted to require community service of the citizens. this was also true and was even reinforced by the fact that they removed the entire website, which belonged to him. if you do not like my statements of truth why don't you try and find a way to dispute them instead of calling me names and trying to divert attention from the real issue? oh... thats right... it is quite hard to dispute what is true... heres a little one for you to try and duck. the stock market cannot be fooled by smoke and mirrors like the general public. can you tell the stimulus is not working yet? it never will with the attitude towards business and success that permeates this administration. did you even know that China (a communist country) just cut their corporate tax rates? they have some clue how to stimulate their economy and encourage investment. China Cuts Taxes now go ahead and attack me and try to change the subject... you ignorance makes mine pale in it's shadow.
  14. your lack of intelligence shows in your replys Kash. you continue to throw names like a small child instead of addressing the truth. it is not my fault you are a pea brain that can not discuss what is true and just resort to attacking the messenger... perhaps you would like to point out where i called him a terrorist. or maybe even dispute what i am saying...
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