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thinking about getting a laptop


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EVEREX VA2001T Intel Pentium dual-core T2080(1.73GHz) 15.4" Wide XGA+ 1GB 80GB Dual layer DVD Burner VIA Chrome 9 HC IGP NoteBook


its been marked down $100


the price seems fair for my college budget. and i was thinking about downgrading it to XP Pro. and if i get bored while waiting for my next class, i can play a game and it will run, but it won't run that well where i'll want to skip class to continue playing, but run to a point that i can use it to kill time XD i'm thinking WOW, Drift City, Gunbound, Doom3, and a little CS1.6.


i'm willing to spend up to 800, but if i can do the same thing on a 500 dollar laptop, i might as well save the my money ^_^


what do u guys think? is the laptop worth it? or should i try for something else? looking for a 15" or less, dont want anything heavy since i'll have to drag it around

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