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Windows Xp Sp2 Install Help


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My roommate sold me one of his hard drives so that he could upgrade to a bigger one. He does not have the new hard drive yet, but took out the one in question. This hard drive had Windows on it by the way. Anyway he decided to put Windows on the other hard drive he had in the computer, a Seagate 320gb with perp. recording. He still had data on the hard drive so he used partition magic to make a new primary partition. Booted up the XP CD and selected this partition for install. After formatting it and the computer restarts we get this error.


windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem


And some stuff after that. We had a few errors before that but we did a few things and now it is hung up on this one. We have reset the bios to standard, unhooked the other storage HD, tried another XP CD, and so on. The computer worked flawlessly before this. What do you all suggest?




Edit: Sorry must be more tired than I thought as this belongs in Microsoft Operating Systems not Windows software. Sorry.

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