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I know that this is a big job, but one that would certainly be used and appreciated by the entire staff and most every one of our members here in the community.  Some of those originals are from the Jurassic Park era, and there have certainly been many great units released since the last time the list was updated.


Thanks so much.

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80 PLUS is a great program its there for us the consumers not an advertising tool for companies that exploit it for profit.



The 80 Plus program is open to exploitation and until its testing methodology is changed I can't see things changing!


Send us a power supply, we'll test it at an unrealistic working temperature (25 deg C I think), pay us some money and if it meets your specification we'll issue a certificate if it meets your claimed efficiency.


We won't police the certificate by testing future power supplies at random so feel free to send us your best performing power supply after batch testing to find the best or dare I say feel free to slightly tweak one it doesn't matter.


I'm fairly confident the leaders in ATX power supply manufacture/supply wouldn't stoop so low otherwise they wouldn't release their power supplies for review but I'm sure there are some that take advantage.

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Agreed 100%.  Another thing I've seen is that some of the highest quality power supply manufacturer's will actually "downgrade" their certification claim to the next lowest level, even though testing proves their unit is capable of the higher efficiency at 70 - 80% of the testing range.


And visa versa with the lower quality units.

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