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I'm building a system for a friend of mine and I'm looking for some opinions on it.


If this is in the wrong area then would a moderator please move it.


Ok...his budget is $1700.00.







CD Drive

Video Card

Power Supply




There is also AS5, an mx518, and a keyboard. The total is right at $1700. The things that I am unsure about are the RAM. It was offered as a bundle with the CPU and so I added because I wanted to get on to other things. The PSU is another thing I am unsure about. I know that this PSU will power everything he needs but I am wondering if there are any cheaper ones that will do the job as well. Also any other places you can see to cut costs would be appreciated. I haven't looked at other websites yet because the only one I can think of is ZZF.


Like I said all recommendations are appreciated.

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You can get the 3700+ for $20-30 more (EDIT: $222 to be exact). I think that 1MB cache will make a difference that's definitely worth it.


I don't know about the RAM (and I forgot to check the timings), but it looks pretty cheap.


If this isn't going to be overclocked it's probably fine. At the same time, if it's not going to be OCed, you can save some money by getting a different mobo. Other people have been suggesting Gigabyte and MSI (for NF4 boards).


Good websites:



Chiefvalue (just like newegg, but often cheaper)

PC Toys/CoolerGuys (different websites and prices, same company. check both)


There's more, but that should keep you busy for awhile.

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