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Work Got Me An Msdn Subscription

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?? never ever had that and i've been useing it sence it was first in beta



i dunno, i found pages i go to that wouldnt work right within hours of using firefox........never had a problem with IE, so i ditched FF

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Yeah, Dell has given everyone that works there an MSDN subscription for all the downloads.  I didn't realize what was available to get on that site. I was looking and for the Windows Vista Beta, I get like 10 licenses for it, and like 10 XP licenses.


Gonna start to download some files here.  :)



I got a universal msdn subscription from my last job, and when I moved to my new company, the subscription remained active. I think It could be active foreven until someone at my old company wants to use it and then they switch it to them.


Anyway, I'ts very very usefull. I have downloaded allmost everytingh they have. And they have a lot of stuff.

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