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  1. I have a Vertex 3 two weeks old. I'll do 210 shipped for it. I love the HDD, nothing wrong with it. I just have to move to Florida right away and desperately need the cash. My whole LGA 1155 system is for sale in the marketplace.
  2. I'll sell you two 8800 GT's for 75 shipped. I noticed you were in my for sale thread talking about banning me ( thanks for not doing it), once El Captain receives his CPU today I think I have regained my reputation. Ccokeman also can verify that I have sold items on the forum before without any issues.
  4. Due to unforeseen circumstances with me having to suddenly move cross country to florida. I am selling any unneed gadgets. I understand some of you might be skeptical due to the delay/confusion I had with my current sale to El Captain. He's scheduled to receive the item today and I'm sure will vouch for me at that time. I also have completed many sales on the forum before without any problems. Ccokeman will vouch that I have sold items before without any issues. Motorola Xoom WIFI Model. Running Android 3.1 Purchased 5/12/2011 from newegg for $589.99 I am willing to do $470 Shipped. BRAND NEW CONDITION. LOOKS LIKE A BRAND NEW TABLET. Comes with Zagg Full body Protection Clear Skin. Black Gel Case. Screen protector and Capactive Stylus. Pictures upon request.
  5. I will sell you two EVGA Superclocked 570HD's for 610 shipped. One is been used for about 1.5 weeks. The other is brand new in box.
  6. Sorry about the confusion... I thought I made it clear when I said I ordered two Cpu's that I had two for sale. I'm shocked USPS didn't leave a note on the door, but the reason they didn't leave it in the mailbox is because I required a signature. The fedex package also requires a direct signature, so you need to be there on wednesday to sign for it or pick it up at the fedex delivery.
  7. I had two Non CPU"s for sale. When Ordering my system I purchased three cpu's from newegg. I should have made it more clear that I had two cpu's for sale. I am sorry for that El captain purchased a CPU, I shipped him the cpu via USPS, No one signed for the package It was returned. I reshipped it via Fedex on 5/19. Tracking number: 468612615047433 Rankiz purchased the other cpu I had and opened a paypal dispute TWO DAYS AFTER PAYMENT. He also paid me via a Paypal e-check with an expected clearing date of 7 days after the payment showed up in my paypal account, Paypal advises shippers wait till the payment clears before shipping item. That is currently what I am doing. Rankiz has been provided with pictures of the item, and Ive asked him if he would like his name in the picture with the item. He declined. What am i supposed to do ? I have sold many items on this forum along with being a forum member for over 7 years. I have even sold some of the mod staff some items back in 2007. If I need to dig up the names of the members I have sold stuff too I will be more than happy to, so that they can vouch I am trust worthy. Thank you all. Sorry about the delay in response I have been away on business.
  8. I'm going to call Newegg when I get home and see. I just bought over $2200 worth of . on their site so they better, if not someone here on the forum Pm'd me and wants it.
  9. I was wondering if the cpu Multiplier in my system is too high... x38 seems awful high. I remember my old computers multiplier going to 12ish or so ? I just built a brand new rig and I havent been in the computer scene lately. The last time I knew about current gen parts, Intel E8400's and 680i chipsets and DDR2 were the hot new thing. Well I tried to change my signature so that I could list the specs in there, but I don't know how. Intel core I7 2600K 3.4 ghz Asus MAximus IV Extreme G.skill DDR3-2200 OCZ Vertex 3 SSD
  10. Building a new computer and it requires a new PSU so i'm selling my old one OCZ modXstream 780w Purchased about a year and 2 months, so there's a decent amount of time left of its warranty. Prefect working order/ Price- $30 shipped. Payment through Paypal . Comes with box, all cables, receipt and power cord
  11. If anyone would like any certain part or parts , make an offer for that part and I will consider selling individually . Is $50 for each part your actual offer or a suggestion for what I should charge
  12. Nothing. Its all Ordered and on its way to me.
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