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  1. i just bought a sony clie ux-50. I had to buy it used because it
  2. from the subject of teh thread I thought yow were talkign about "Funera for a friend" by Elton John, from the '80s When I found out you were talking about a new band, that made me feel really old
  3. I got a universal msdn subscription from my last job, and when I moved to my new company, the subscription remained active. I think It could be active foreven until someone at my old company wants to use it and then they switch it to them. Anyway, I'ts very very usefull. I have downloaded allmost everytingh they have. And they have a lot of stuff.
  4. I seem to have aproblem with the AI on the game. Right After arriving to Black Mesa East, when the woman doctor walks me to the elevator, I get in and nothing happens. Has anyone else had this problem? how did you work-arround it? Also if you send me a savegame of some point past the black mesa east elevator, that could help a lot. Thanks. I forgot to mention that I've been trying for days now and have allredy serched google and some otrher forums.
  5. cGrUnDy

    Google Earth

    I agree it's just a weather baloon
  6. I am exactly 30 and I have been a huge anime fan for almost 20 years. I have seen so many I can not list them. Before the Internet was what it is today, the only way to put your hands on this stuff was making a copy from some friends copy and since VHS to VHS copies gradually loose quality, being and anime fan in those days was much harder. Anyway, I bet there are more anime fans on the over 20 group than on the under 20s.
  7. I hate it when people who work for me spend days trying to fix something I can fix in 5 secconds.
  8. ok, so after i decided to quit my job and start a new bussiness, I moved what used to be my gaming rig to my new office. Everithing except the driving wheel came here, and now there is a new notebook.
  9. I built this with my own hands. but I can't say I ride it these days anymore, I have 2 cars and another motorcycle wich I didn't build, and is much more reliable.
  10. It's been almost 20 hours since I saw the movie and I allready want to see it again. maybe I'll go tonight for the second time. just to get the details.
  11. It seems to be steady at 2058MB. at least for my account
  12. I drink and the collect the cans/bottles/bags of starange/foreing cooffee mixes. I like both instant and normal. I also like flavored mixes, capuccinos, etc. I try to never repeat a brand or flavor.
  13. Knights of the old republic also liked: ut2004, jedy academy, nfsu2, half life2.
  14. Don't use a Keyboard for gaming. The "Nostromo n52" game pad is the perfect replacemente for keyboards and since every key can be mapped to a normal keyboard key it works with any game that's supposed to be played with a keyboard. and just to answer the original question. I use a BenQ mini keyboard wich is a desktop keyboard the size of a sub-notebook keyboard. I use it because I became used to small keyboards and now I find them more confortable.
  15. I got nothing but clothes. Something electronic would have been nice. Anyway I'm old enough to be giving more than I'm receiving and I bought my kids lots of clothes because they grow so fast they reaaly needed a lot of new clothes. And they allready have too many toys and I knew they were going to receive to many toys from other relatives. I also bought NIGHT VISION GOOGLES for the older one. Cool ha? I'm going to give my self a ZEN http://us.creative.com/products/product.as...11&product=9882 and a VIRTUAL DJ console: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...e&s=electronics , but that's going to have to wait untill january.
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