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I Guess It Is Illegal

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This is an update to this post about wifi laws an junk. I was doing some reasearch for my paper and I ran across these: http://wwmt.com/engine.pl?station=wwmt&id=...kout_local.html & http://www.thewbalchannel.com/technology/4382209/detail.html


IDK when those laws came about or where to get any info about them. I guess I missed the announcement.


I find it ironic that one of those articles mentioned finding 50 unsecured networks and that I have 5 in range of me right now. Mine is the only secured one. Another tidbit, ever notice how the info for configuring internet access on routers is the first page of configuration and in the manual. But the security stuff is way deep?


It may be illegal to use these networks but the fact that people don't use the security features raises some interesting (and very serious) problems.

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