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I didn't try hard for too long, on expert I seem to keep a 1:1 ratio. Is it just me or are the teams always lopsided? Even though there are the same amount of players some times one team just totally wipes out the other team like 5 rounds in a row.




You've played on real servers, right? It's like that with real people as well. It just depends on the map. I find that there's more maps that tend to favor T's more than CT's. Like on de_tides for example, I find that if both teams have good skilled players, the T's will win the majority of them. With bots, you have this skill balance, and thus, that's why it would be lopsided. I think I'll go try and be CT now against bots and see if I can disprove my theory though ;)


EDIT: mark, i had a similar problem trying to connect to the Steam servers last night as well, until I visited the Steam website and realized there was an update, and thus, I had to first close Steam and then reopen, and it downloaded the updates just fine then :).

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