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Pci Card Lock


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Well, I didn't know where to post this...but since it has to do with my overclock..i'll post it here. I have the rig in my sig and recently installed a PCI wireless card (the Linksys 54G with speedbooster) and you know how it says in the system tray that the wireless is connected? well it will connect at 48mbps or 54mbps, then it will go down to 36, 24, 11 and even 1mbps...now, is this because of my overclock? I have the AGP locked @ 66mhz, but i didn't see a PCI lock in my BIOS options...So does this sound like an unlocked PCI problem...or....what??? :blink:


EDIT:: Also, i know its not my router because i have a laptop with built-in wireless, and that stays connected @ 54mbps all the time.

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