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  1. Way cool! What version of A7N8X because I haven't seen it on the two I had. Even with a higher vcore they would show a blank screen. I know it isn't the ram on this board. I will have to try it again...!
  2. Ok, I have used ASUS for some time. I had the the Asus A7n8x v2 and this board you have and I can tell you that you can not go any higher on that board with the fsb. :angry2: You will only get black screens and on and on...ect..! sorry! The only way to overclock that board is to grab a mobile 2500-2600+ proc and up the multi and vcore. Sorry to tell you this but I and others have tried for sometime...no go! DFI Lanparty or something else so forget the fsb on the ASUS A7N8X series! I have used the mobile 2500 from 1.8 to 2.5 but to go any higher I needed the ubber bios...? You can find it here: A7N8X Bios Releases Just make sure you get the one with the 1013 and Sata Enhanced..! Also it will not help the fsb issue. I hope this helps and you understand that the board is limited in the Northbridge voltages when it comes to fsb and even if you up the vcore it will not go any higher on the fsb. Take a look at my specs and you will see if I could it would still have the mobile in it. And i found really no dif on the 3200 and the mobile performance even when it was clocked to 2.4-2.5 without a higher fsb. But on a DFI that is another story! I sent my DFI back but my friend has his still running at 2.6 mobile and 500 fsb. Just up the multi and I wouldn't go with the fsb...! I talk alot..lol
  3. Be very quiet MS is listening and watching you. Can i use your tinfoil hat... They can try but they will just have a bigger underground market to deal with.
  4. We thank you! We got it"! It was Windblows! The third time was a charm! Go figure with the newer drivers I guess wouldn't register with WinBlows corretly!... :nod:
  5. I'm trying to install 2xRaptors 10,000rpm 36.7gig in a strip 0 on my friends computer and ran into a strange problem. I load WinXP Pro SP1 on an ATA 133 hard drive and boot into windows to load controller drivers so I can format the raid to 32kb cluster with a 16kb chunk strip. I do it on mine all the time so sweat! But his Disk Managment shows two drives not one single partion like it should in a raid ( [email protected] not 73 single partion ) and we have done it twice now with same results. We even reloaded the windows ( reformat ) again on the IDE drive to try the raid again, same thing. I was wondering if it could be the raid controller on the DFI not reporting correctly or windows? He is using the # 1 & 2 connector on the raid controller. I think the 3 & 4 are for mirror right, correct me if I'm wrong. We have try the newer drivers of DFI's site. We also tried the drivers of of Sillicone image's site and they wouldn't load at all. I think the driver pack was missing the .inf file it also had the 64bit drivers with them we didn't try those...lol wish! Any trouble shooting ideas would help right now. I may have him load the raid normal with a 4kb cluster for the trouble shooting but what fun is it to run a raid with 4kb cluster XP blowss :nod: on install options, my opinon!
  6. This maybe dumn but is your boards controller running off the northbridge or the southbridge. I'm not sure if this is right but I have heard some ide raid controllers run off the northbridge and then they have a second controller off the southbridge. If it is off the northbridge then that could be the problem. Correct me if I'm wrong but my friends DFI ide raid controller is off the northbridge, I think. And his sata is off the south and overclocking will raise the fsb to northbridge right...? Also try and put your power to your harddrive seperate from anyother device if you can. I had a light in my case that when turned off would cause a reboot. I found that when I was runing just one hard drive after rma'ing my raptors i had the power to the light and some fans on the same power line as my harddrive..oops Something like that can do in a harddrive also. And yes inproper power can cause a harddrive click of death that I do know. Because it tries to right/read and then has to stop and doesn't know where to start again then when it start again throws the arm like a surge. Hay I gave once but only because of the noise so take close look at your hardware!
  7. You may be right! So I went with 32kb cluster Ntfs with 16kb strip. Not Bad! way better than difault 4kb cluster! I haven't been able to compare to anyone yet so if anyone can help out!
  8. It isn't so much if you use a fat32 it is more about using a larger cluster. Using Fat32 is much easier with a larger cluster size than trying to use NTFS. The performance differents Fat32 vs NTFS would be a great bonus to study I think.
  9. I have done some research on the fact that you can not install XP Ntfs with a 32kb cluster using the install cd. I found you can trick the installtion by using another active hard drive. But still the debate geos on about witch is better: 1: Running Raid 0 with Fat32 32kb cluster and 16kb Strip so the strip will split the data 16kb per hard drive witch will give a higher Throughput Mg/s. 2: Running Raid 0 Ntfs 32kb cluster and 16kb stip. You loose compression not running the default 4kb cluster, but sooooo! I just thought I would ask you guys your opinion and see if you have done either type of raid. If so what did you find to work the best. I have been running raid for over a year and have not tried them yet but resuntly have had to RMA my hard drives so I thought I would do some test. So before I start how about some input. This person in the forum "dmph8ter" is worth listening too. I found his topic was very inlightening to idea of Raid. I'am Not A Geek What I'm thinking of doing! Abit Forum Take a look at the data sheet for throughput information. Ethan Frome Some information that I found interesting. IBM Some information from Microsoft that I found to be useful but only if you can format a Raid 0 to a larger cluster using recovery console? The question is how to format a raid 0 to a larger cluster without using another hard drive with xp arlready installed? You can't Fdisk it.. Microsoft I'm just tired of not having the performance I no my hard drives are able show! And why would Microsoft not alow an easier way to format the os with a larger cluster is beyond me. Just because they want everyone to use compression or the 4kb cluster used on file servers..?
  10. Prime95 Blend using half of the full amount of ram in your system opposed to the default 8mg..ie 512mgs if you have 1024mgs in the system. Prime95 will give error messages if something is'nt right and shut down the program. The error messages can help tell you if it is cpu volts or ram. And your temps are to high! You need to cool that down. If your temps are 58c on full load something isn't right with your cpu cooling. Add a fan or reapplie thermal compound or move the system to a cooler room, something. With that cpu temp 58c at load pushing the cpu up more wouldn't be good is what the other guy was trying to say!
  11. If you can reach 250x2 500fsb I would stay there because you sound like your temps are getting really high. And then see if it is stable and go from there after a few days of testing and playing games running Prime so forth and give you to see if system is stable.
  12. Yea with the Asus board going 2.4 you run out of volts so stay with 2.3 if it isn't a mobile chip. My mobile I can drop the multiplier and raise the the cpu to like 2.5 from 1.8 but that is the highest because of lack of volts aloud to the cpu on that board. Sucks! Good luck and if you have more questions shot them at this thread. Hay do you have Prime95 running? You should run Prime95 for a couple of days. What I do is run Prime95 play a game, go online, play music during the game and a night just let prime run. Also get Memtest86 3.1a or newer and run overnight full memory range test.
  13. He is right about it not being the ram. I didn't look close enough. My friend and I both perchased the DFI at the same time and found we couldn't run @200fsb or get very close to it on OCC with his 2600mobile and my 2500mobile. He RMA'ed the board and now he running 10x250 no problems. Some of the DFI boards where not volted properly so if you raise the Vcore and still can't reach 200fsb then RMA telling them it will not due 200fsb and they will send you another, they are aware of the problem. Also I found on some NF2 manely Asus board that even stock ram at stock speed will want you to raise the Vdimm volts to 2.7 when OCCing the cpu even when you haven't reached the Default speed of the ram 200fsb. I would have RMA'ed my board but I scratch the traces taking off the NeoPlate to RMA it...lol :angry2: I may perchuse another soon since I'm not going 64bit yet.
  14. Good ram and read the reviews. My buddy is running an Mobile [email protected] with this ram and only running 2.8volts with 6,3,3,2.5 right now! NewEgg I got some my self and can't wait to try them out! They have shown up to DDR630!
  15. Dude you want good ram for that board DFI get this: NewEgg My buddy is running his @500mhz fsb with mobile 2600+ @ 10x250 with only 2.8volts on the ram and tight timing. The warrenty is for up to Lifetime with 2.9volts! P.S. Read the reviews on this stuff DDR620 marks! Awsome!
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