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What Psu Do I Need

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Oh and this mobo how many onboard stuff has?

Intel "D875PBZLK FMB 1.5" i875P Chipset Motherboard for Intel Socket 478 Pentium 4 Extreme Edition CPU -RETAIL



Model# D875PBZLK FMB 1.5

Item # N82E16813121206



Supported CPU: Intel Pentium 4 / Pentium 4 Extreme Edition Processors (Hyper-Threading)

Chipset: Intel 875P + ICH5R

FSB: 800/533MHz

RAM: 4x DIMM for Dual-Channel DDR400/333(ECC) Max 4GB

IDE: 2x ATA 100 up to 4 Devices

Slots: 1x AGP 8X/4X (0.8/1.5V), 5x PCI

Ports: 2xPS/2,1xLPT,1xCOM,8xUSB2.0(Rear 6),1xLAN

Onboard LAN: Intel 82547EI Gigabit (10/100/1000Mbits/sec) Ethernet

Onboard SATA/RAID: 2x Serial ATA 150, RAID 0/1

Form Factor: ATX

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I would say 480+ or higher depending on what you want and the cost and what you feel confertable with. You may have to spend some money if you want a good brand. I get a good brand online if you get cheap one it won t last long.

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