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Wtf My Sound Keeps Cutting Out


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Ok, here's the deal. Earlier tonight, i was playing some music. Then, all of the sudden, it just stops. so i'm like...ok, must have been a bad song or something. so i try to play another track, and....it doesn't even start playing at all. So, i'm like, ok...winamp's gone bad. so i reinstalled, and then tried again...BOOM, the song doesn't even start to play.


sooo...i try to use a different media player, and same thing. no sound.


no big deal...reinstall sound drivers, right? So i do that, and wow...it works. for about 30 seconds, then out goes the sound. I've reinstalled my drivers probably 5 times.


and just to clarify, i have no sound at all.



also....could me getting a new PSU have anything to do with this? all the voltages are fine....great output, etc.

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