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Pics Of My Last Lan


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Last saturday I went to BONG (Brotherhood of network gamers) LAN101. It was so fun, so many games... all day B)


Anyway here pics...


http://www.bong.com.au/pics/lan101-barracudas/aat <--- My comp I'm the one on the right, the rig I'm using is the one in my sig. Thats my friend next to me, he modded an old compaq case to look like that, not a bad job hehe.


http://www.bong.com.au/pics/lan101-barracudas/aas <--- Us again My friend is in the foreground, cant see me too well but im sitting just to the right of him.


http://www.bong.com.au/pics/lan101-taliskahnscamera/aab <--- Hall shot (I'm the one with the white stripe down my pants, the shiny stripe on my pants lit up with the flash of the camera lol.)


http://www.bong.com.au/pics/lan101-taliskahnscamera/aad <--- "Cabinent o' Switches" Self explainatory :P



More pics at http://www.bong.com.au/pics/lan101





That was a a really fun LAN, I had one of the best computers there (hardware wise) so I was pretty happy. Also, strangely enough I was one of the few overclockers there. Good god!



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