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  1. Was wondering if you guys had planned on doing a review of the ASUS X99E-WS board i have yet to find any good reviews online for this board and you guys tend to do allot of ASUS products so i was wondering if there might be one in the works for the near future. Id like to pick one of these up later this year/early next year but I'm interested in how well its gonna clock compared toe the gamer versions of the board. Also the fact that its supports 5 cards at 16x pcie v3 is very interesting as to quad sli/crossfire performance with a 5820k on it compared to say a 5930k/5960x running quad sli/crossfire on the non WS board at 16x-8x-8x-8x.
  2. Well I had to have some oral surgery and sadly my insurance didn't cover it like they were supposed to so now im stuck having to off load some stuff I'm selling three Sapphire R9 290's these are reference cooler cards so water blocks are easy to come by all working flawlessly they are just the cards however so no original box sadly I need $225 each for them shipped within the USA I am willing to ship over seas as long as buyer pays shipping. Also have a set of Kingston Hyper X Black DDR3 1600 2x4gb kit $60 shipped less than a year old still in box And a ASUS P8Z77V-LE Plus LGA 1155 comes in box couple sata 3 cables and manual sadly I do not have the IO shield for it somehow i lost it (like 10 bucks on amazon) $100 shipped also comes in box and is less than a year old easily clocked my 3570k to 4.6 http://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/P8Z77V_LE_PLUS/ PARTS I NEED I don't really want trades but I do need a mATX LGA 1366 X58 board and a tri-channel DDR 3 ram kit for it as well (12 or 24gb kit)
  3. Its quite common for me as well I figured out that it is because I'm viewing as a guest if you log in there are no ads.
  4. Pretty good just had to FINALLY get my wisdom teeth out so my face feels like it got Ray Riced but all in all i cant complain its great to see this place still trucking though Dave(hope i remembered that right) I'm truly glad you stuck to it god knows many of the old forums didn't last. This is great info on radiators! I actually found a pretty sweet flow graph for the EKWB full cover blocks i wish to use on XS and with my calculations it should be fine with one pump, however with that being said should be fine is not worth saving the extra 40 bucks on a pump since the setup is an external setup and the rads are monsters the load will surely drop my lph to a decent amount so ill run a single return into the rads with dual outs one for cpu and one for gpus. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. I do plan on getting a couple 4k monitors around tax time maybe three >.> but you know my heart is always just in trying to produce big numbers! How's everything been Bosco?
  6. Thanks for the info, by chance does anyone know where i can find s spread sheet that has flow vs temp on it? there's always gonna be a sweet spot for this kind of thing where the water flows at just the right lph in which the water stays in the blocks for just the right amount of time to pullthe heat out of them before going to the rad and be around the right speed there as well to give the fins time to release the hot air from the core..
  7. Well as some of you know I've been a member here for ten years and randomly come back here and there so I've been out of the loop per say for quite some time i need some insight on a custom water box I'm building for my soon to be coming new rig. My question is I'm putting together a water box and plumbing it into my rig (will make a build log shortly for both case and water box)any who I'm using a monster rad setup i custom sought the parts so the rads have massive cores im not worried on that side of things what ill be cooling is a set of 4 r9 290's and a cpu(either 5930K on a x99 setup) or (4790k devils canyon with some direct die loving for temps) I'm aiming for 5+ghz rock solid daily use and i have no doubt i can achieve this with either as long as i can keep them cool. My question is this whats a best way to achiever optimal flow vs performance I'm using a 400gph(1500lph) pump snd only want to run preferably but i keep hearing the same thing that the full cover r9 blocks from EKWB generate MASSIVE pressure drop especially threw 4 of them. is my 1500lph home depot pump going to push enough flow to compensate for the quad full cover blocks or should i do a dual loop? If I do a dual loop though will such high floe decrease the restriction on the cpu block so much that it cant properly pull the heat from the water block. Insight would be awesome This thread is not to change my mind on my components its just to see if one pump is gonna cut the mustard from all the restrictions,PS: both the cpu and vga with be separate from each other /(y inlet y outlet one loop)
  8. Well I'm starting a "garage sale" topic that i will add to as i go. Corsair RM850 (about 6mo old) works great need to upgrade for graphics card requirements looking for $100 USD plus shipping comes in original packaging PRICE IS FIRM ON THIS Corsair H110 (under a year old it was cooling my 3570k at 4.6ghz with no issue great out of the box solution $80 USD + shipping also comes in original packaging Cooler Master N520 works great and was barely used was able to get my 3570 to 4.6 with it but it got warmer than I was ok with $20 USD + shipping Older stuff ASUS P5N-D https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5ND/ LGA 775 good board comes with IO shield and book sadly i don't have the box anymore idk $40 USD? + shipping Core 2 Duo E8400 LGA 775 great little cpu ran at 4.4ghz 24/7 stable no problem $40 USD + shipping Corsair CM2X 1024-8500C5D DDR2 2x1gb $20 USD + shipping works great AmpX WINTEC DDR 2 8500 2x1gb $20 USD + shipping works great Samsung 1GB x 1 DDR2 6400 $10 USD + shipping Samsung 2GB x 1 DDR2 6400 $15 USD + shipping AMD Phenom 9500 quad core (not a good overclocker but would be good for a file server) $40 USD + shipping works great comes with factory heatsink MSI K9A2 Platinum http://us.msi.com/product/mb/K9A2_Platinum.html#hero-overview solid board i had no issues with it $40 USD + shipping (don't have the IO plate cant find it or box this is just the board and the board only) 3x WD 500GB IDE hdds they work just fine $15 USD ea + shipping If there's something you want feel free to make an offer worst ill do is say no and keep this clutter the power supply however is firm its a great unit and hardly used they go for 150+ shipping usually so I'm not budging on that one. As I said in the beginning ill add more shortly this is just some of it.
  9. The XFX is looking like it will handle the load for three without a problem however I did actually decide to get a 4th, 1600 seems like a little excessive to me though, don't get me wrong I do appreciate all the feedback! By chance do you have that 1600 watt monster? I'm thinking something between the 1600 and the 1200. Maybe? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153154 As for cooling it will be water cooled but i have a external box built just for the pump/fans so the main rigs power supply wont be powering any of the cooling solution. Its funny how much the price goes up for a couple hundred more watts.
  10. Ok well a new pc is in the making I will be using a i7 5930K in the rampage V along with 3 x r9 290's (probably will be aquiring a 4th) I need a rough guess as to watt requirments. Right now I have a RM850 and the thing is great but i cant say i trust it with 3-4 thirsty 290's and a thirsty 5930K but i don't want to overdue it either i was guessing around 1200 watts but wanna get some opinions.
  11. Its pretty easy considering I take it up to 9k rpm on all stock parts besides the cam. Of course its nowhere near as fast as an STI or evo, all I said was that it's a sturdy car. Valves would float springs would die period no ifs ands or buts put a tach on there and show us you running threw all the gears multiple times to 9k and ill believe it not a bogus ass timing light that was probably set for a v8.. Say it to the people with L28ET swaps pushing over 350 whp on stock suspension. Sure go on HybridZ.org sign up ive been a member there for almost as long as i have here and show me one z with 350whp on stock suspension and it handling just fine, Once you do i will literally shit a diamond thats worth a million dollars and give it to you. I've owned two speed shops and have been in the performance industry for 13 years for classic and current imports I'm by far not expert but i do have knowledge EDIT: I'm not trying to shit on everything you say but if you're going to preach the word, then read the freaking bible first
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