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Guest fgoba_ulinx

I have a web site and i want this.


When somebody visits my site, i want him to be auto-directed to ... adress


How can I do that in Front Page? Or can somebody please give me the html code for it_?

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Moderation: Topic moved to the Programmer's Corner.


Please don not post non-hardware related topics in the hardware forums.


On way to do this would be with javascript... example would be like this:


Place this in the head tag:

<script language="JavaScript">
function OCC_goToURL() { //v3.0
 var i, args=OCC_goToURL.arguments; document.OCC_returnValue = false;
 for (i=0; i<(args.length-1); i+=2) eval(args[i]+".location='"+args[i+1]+"'");


Then make the body tag look like this:

<body onLoad="OCC_goToURL('parent','http://www.overclockersclub.com');return document.OCC_returnValue">


Keep in mind, this requires Java.


If you are doing your site in ASP or PHP, there are ways to do it in those languages...


PHP would be something like this at the begning of the code:


<?php header("Location: http://www.overclockersclub.com"); ?>

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