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  1. I'd say try to stick with it. High School to some is about enjoying yourself, to others it's about preparing for the long-term. You will never have as much free time as you have in school the rest of your life unless you are smart enough to start your own business (or become a teacher)
  2. That is awesome! Thanks for the link and the good laugh... My favorite is definitely the guy from Tijuana's comment.
  3. That's a sweet ride! Don't forget to add seat belts and headrests so you don't die in some 20MPH collision. 1967 Cars != Safe
  4. The final version of Phrack is being released next month.. aw...
  5. Which model of silent purepower is it? Black or silver? and does it have the active PFC?
  6. Stealing is a good indicator of being low-class...
  7. Seems to me you could also easily just pipe your Line-Out to your Line-In, play the video and run sound recorder at the same time to record it without the old "Put a mic near your speakers" thing.
  8. It's worth the price once you get a good Outfit and use Teamspeak to coordinate and have fun while playing. It isn't Quake, you can't just drop-in and expect it to be Instant Pwnz0r time like you can with every other FPS. It's a MMOFPS, and the best one I've ever played at that.
  9. Not as good long-term as Planetside, but it's a lot of fun in the short term, just like Battlefield: 1942 was.
  10. I'm on Emerald, Vanu Sovereignty is my chosen Empire. My outfit is www.darkhq.com - Drop us a note or send me (GTSticky) a tell in-game if you want some help getting started or just want to find a good group of people with whom to play. Teamspeak recommended. For the next couple of days I'll be on BF2 demo, but back onto Planetside ASAP. Hope to see some of you there! It really is a great game if you have a good machine, and well, we know OCC members have nice rigs for the most part (and know how to configure them!)
  11. GTSticky

    Problem With Norton!

    Now go get Trend internet security instead. Norton slows down your machine and as you've seen, often has trouble uninstalling.
  12. Um, Saturn has batteries in the trunk on all models, stock now. No outside vents required.
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