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9900K OC temperature question


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I have a 9900K, 850w psu, auros ultra z390 board, and I overclocked it to 5.0/4.9 (avx) and then decided the thermals were too high when running avx prime95 smallest FFts (hitting 98c). So I dialed it back to 4.9/4.9 and I am still higher than I would like. I use real bench as my stress test and run it at half my ram for a while. The CPU is cooled on a 360 mm radiator, but I am still unsure if I should keep the oc settings as they are. It is stable, but my temps are peaking at 89-91c. Vcore is dynamic and peaks at 1.308, but mostly averages around 1.27-1.28.

I guess the frustration is I tried locking in the vcore and it kept crashing (even when set to 1.350v) I don't know why, but with dynamic and an offset (+0.010) I get 1.27-1.28 with a peak occasionally at 1.308. But my temps are 89-91c once it is rolling.

First, should I be concerned about those temps in a synthetic bench like real bench? And, second, is there a trick people know or am I missing something on how to set up the vcore so that it is static and not dynamic. Every time I go static it barely launches and when it does it crashes with any of the testing programs. https://9apps.ooo/

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So far as setting the Vcore on the 9900k I am not certain. However if its stable and within a safe limitation I would leave it. 

Now for your temperatures I can understand that it seems hot. But its a 9900K and that is what they do. That being said you have some options. 

1: dial back the OC some more. ( I would put it back to 5ghz personally)

2: Try different thermal compound

3: Use a different waterblock. (what does your watercooling loop consist of?)

4: Liquid Metal the CPU

5: Run it naked. 

As far as the 3 options I would honestly run that chip naked if I had one. You have to assume some risk but it is worth the reward. I cant speak for its difficulty and I would suggest plenty of time watching youtube to make sure you understand the do's and don'ts. 

When running the stress test you are going to see higher temps then you will ever in real world use. I wouldn't fret about them to be honest. Monitor the system and see what becomes of it. it may be in the mid 60's - 80's and thats more then fine.

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