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  1. I have a 9900K, 850w psu, auros ultra z390 board, and I overclocked it to 5.0/4.9 (avx) and then decided the thermals were too high when running avx prime95 smallest FFts (hitting 98c). So I dialed it back to 4.9/4.9 and I am still higher than I would like. I use real bench as my stress test and run it at half my ram for a while. The CPU is cooled on a 360 mm radiator, but I am still unsure if I should keep the oc settings as they are. It is stable, but my temps are peaking at 89-91c. Vcore is dynamic and peaks at 1.308, but mostly averages around 1.27-1.28. I guess the frustration is I tried locking in the vcore and it kept crashing (even when set to 1.350v) I don't know why, but with dynamic and an offset (+0.010) I get 1.27-1.28 with a peak occasionally at 1.308. But my temps are 89-91c once it is rolling. First, should I be concerned about those temps in a synthetic bench like real bench? And, second, is there a trick people know or am I missing something on how to set up the vcore so that it is static and not dynamic. Every time I go static it barely launches and when it does it crashes with any of the testing programs. https://9apps.ooo/
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