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Another 512 Or Sell And Get 2x 256?

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OK just a quick one fellas, I need a quick answer too as im gonna go and buy now :)

I have 1 stick of Corsair XMS 512mb PC3700 in my mobo at the moment what i want to know is should I:

A:) get another stick of the same memory and then run in dual mode with 1 gig ?

B:) sell my 512 and get a pair of Matched 2x256 PC4000 (Corsair or OCZ??) and just stay with 512mb

I would really of like to have more memory but anyway lemme know what you guys say ?



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Just got back from shop now decided that I would go for something completely different in the End so I got the OCZ PC4200 Performance 2x256 3-4-4-8

gonna put em in now and Ik'll let you know if I can get a nice OC :)

Did you know that the warranty covers them right up 2.9V thats amazing!

Ah well here goes nothing ..........................................



Well that took a little time messing about but god daymn I think i made the right decision :D I couldnt do this with my Corsair XMS :P





Memory Capture



CPU Capture


Nice O/C even if I say so myself :)

Better update my sig :)


Only thing is I got the Memory @ 3V do you guys think hatt'll be OK I heard that they can take a good voltage and if the Manufacturer says that the warranty is valid up to 2.9V it cant be that bad can it?

Also I think i remember reading that the Abit boards dont actually give hardware as much juice as the mobo says it is ?? can anyone confirm this?

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