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    Cheiftec Ultra Red Glossy Mid-Tower ATX
  1. r_g

    Wow---who Wants To Take Me In

    join up on kalecgos, ursin, dark iron(all 3 pvp), or moonrunner (pve), those are the 3 most recent realms. Dark iron being the most populer
  2. r_g

    Riaa Vs. Wow

    at least warcraftmovies.com is still up
  3. r_g

    Posibbly Reforming Clan!

    ill be interested, are you guys going to have a clan for DoD: Source. Thats what ive been waiting for
  4. r_g

    Favorite Food Group

    omg no cereal, cereal FTW!
  5. r_g

    Thinking Of Trying World Of Warcraft

    MC is definitly a blast to do with a good guild, but you will have to find a good guild to get into. I would definitly say you should give the game a shot, try it for 30 days see if you like it or not. Also as mentioned before i would say start on a PvE server or Normal server. Unless you want to have a broken monitor from the constant lv 60 ganking you
  6. r_g

    Lcd Resolution Question

    2001fp/2005fpw, most 20 inch lcds are 1600x1200
  7. r_g

    Ah! Bought Os... Won't Work! Help

    make sure you have the keyboard/mouse hooked up through the ps2 ports, not usb. Worked for me
  8. r_g

    Possible New Ride

    its a nice car, i mean come on its in fast in the furious!
  9. amd's cool and quiet DOES reduce speed, just when your not using your cpu much (word processing), not just when it overheats. Also reduces voltage, thus creating less heat.
  10. r_g

    World Of Warcraft (WoW) Favorite Class Poll

    60 mage FTW! gotta love ice
  11. r_g

    Battlefield 2 Demo Tommorow!

    this game is AWESOME! be sure to play this demo
  12. r_g

    Battlefield 2 Demo Tommorow!

    getting 316kb/s off that one u just need to use ie to dl
  13. r_g

    Battlefield 2 Demo Tommorow!

    here is good link http://www.pcgameworld.com/details.php/get/10641
  14. r_g

    Battlefield 2 Demo Tommorow!

    http://www.filerush.com/download.php?targe...ield_2_Demo.exe torrent file
  15. r_g

    Battlefield 2 Demo Tommorow!

    its out woot woot!!, man but all full, anyone wanna be nice that has it and host it?