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  1. Hey i dont wanan start an argument between you guys lol However it is PC4200 RAM and it is running at a high FSB @ 1:1 so maybe it will make a decent amount of difference on my machine, however I can also agree with you as when i first started coming on these forums i spoke to a guy cant remember his nick but he is the memory God!! and he always said to me you shouldnt ever need more than 512 under XP for 99% of things you do unless you do a lot of major photo/video editing so who knows.............? Also I still think your dead right on the HDD thats why I said im may got for a WD Raptor just to put windows on. I defrag every night scheduled task style, also I have a custom set of Windows Services running all the . that slows things down is disabled there is no Spyware whatsoever on my machine and I Fdisk and reformat every 2 Months
  2. JEEZ! Thanks for the quick replys dudez Ive not been posting on here for ages but godang! I only went ot read another thread, came back and 2 replys sweet! Yeah I agree on the Memory I always have but its like
  3. Would you guys enable this or not as I have been hearing some bad things about it on other sites than this one, as in it not being a good thing to have when your system is under heavy Load (As mine usually is:) ) I consider my system to be of a reasonably good spec, not as good as some in here obviously but it really is lacking somewhere its just soooooooo slow sometimes in windows and gaming?? Im trying to narrow it down to a certain thing but am struggling I am now thinking of buying a WD Raptor 10K (36GB) just to stick windows and my most played games on what you think? Thanks
  4. Not too sure about the 512 but the 256 sticks warranty covers them up to 2.9V and I have run them at 3V for months now I think that the heat spreaders are often stuck on with a thermal adhesive which you can buy from good OC stores but why would you want to take them off anyway right?
  5. Yeah its doable alright you just need to either create a new partition on your exisiting Hard drive with say partition magic software or some other software, or if you are planning on reformatting your whole drive just do it with "FDISK" in the dos tools before you install xp. Create 2 partitons on 1 drive and its like having a second virtual drive and you can assign it a different drive letter etc then if you look around on google you can prolly find some info on boot menus etc Herer Ill start you off if you want a good boot manager try gag you can get it from here:- = Gag Also another good resource for you if you are looking to dual boot with XP as one of your OS's which i imagine you are is here:- XP Dual Boot Tips
  6. No i said i cant find any settings in the display properties to change it. Not that i couldnt find the display settings and its all games
  7. Thanks I have actually got some 4Ghz CPUZ Screenies but not had chance to put them up yet Unstable as hell though at 4 Ghz memory was @ 3.1V also and Vcore was terribly high so I backed it down and got it stable I have to say its all down to this memory that i bought recently the OCZ Performance I would recommend it to anyone Back to the subject at hand id really like to sort it out coz thats what im like
  8. All of a sudden my games keep loading up in a lower resolution not quite in a window but in the same size as say an 800X600 window. All the intro's and stuff load up in this lower resolution and then when the actual game comes on its fine??? Its not a real problem as like i said the game plays fine but its annoying the hell out of me as I have tried new drivers etc and it still does it? Also I cant find any settings in the Display properties to change this Any Ideas anyone Thanks Paul
  9. I have to echo what most ppl say here mate the Prescott is a real hot potato! I have mine (2.8) running at 3.8 now pretty solid but boy are the temps high had to got to 1.525 vcore and memory is running at 3.0v only thing is I am now starting to get condensation on my Evaporator and I never ever ever got that with a northwood But hey thats what you get as a trade off for better performance, my benches are much better now than with the northwood, its strange because as you may of heard the prescott is actually SLOWER than a northwood in a roundabout way coz of longer pipelines, however it seems that the more you OC the more that difference dissapears and I seem to have worked out from my benches and what not that it takes around 3.4/3.5 on a prescott 2.8 to make it perform the same as an OC'ed northwood of same value after that as in 3.5 upwards it start to rapidly beat the northwood at everything and that increases with more speed. the only thing now is that theres too much heat IMHO, even with my heater pads on theres still condensation so its gotta be way hot. Any Ideas anyone to stop the condensation ??? Paul
  10. Can anyone tell me what the norm is regarding vcore on one of these pups? Also is it true that the Abit boards dont actually give out as much juice as they report in the BIOS as whenever I use third party software such as CPUZ it gives a different figure Thanks Paul
  11. Well until today mine was as sig suggests however I just dumped the Corsair memory and bought a matched pair of OCZ 4200 3448 's and my god they are good must have been my bottleneck the old memory as I couldnt get past 255 FSB without unstability however Memory CPU Laffin !!
  12. Just got back from shop now decided that I would go for something completely different in the End so I got the OCZ PC4200 Performance 2x256 3-4-4-8 gonna put em in now and Ik'll let you know if I can get a nice OC Did you know that the warranty covers them right up 2.9V thats amazing! Ah well here goes nothing .......................................... Well that took a little time messing about but god daymn I think i made the right decision I couldnt do this with my Corsair XMS Memory Capture CPU Capture Nice O/C even if I say so myself Better update my sig Only thing is I got the Memory @ 3V do you guys think hatt'll be OK I heard that they can take a good voltage and if the Manufacturer says that the warranty is valid up to 2.9V it cant be that bad can it? Also I think i remember reading that the Abit boards dont actually give hardware as much juice as the mobo says it is ?? can anyone confirm this?
  13. OK just a quick one fellas, I need a quick answer too as im gonna go and buy now I have 1 stick of Corsair XMS 512mb PC3700 in my mobo at the moment what i want to know is should I: A:) get another stick of the same memory and then run in dual mode with 1 gig ? B:) sell my 512 and get a pair of Matched 2x256 PC4000 (Corsair or OCZ??) and just stay with 512mb I would really of like to have more memory but anyway lemme know what you guys say ? thanks Paul
  14. Also mate dont know wether this helps but a lot of ppl were reporting that error anyway with BF 1942 including myself I think it was to do with the latest Patch did you upgrade or et the full Client side patch?
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