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Socket Issues

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Why did Intel create the i9 for Sky lake but not for Coffee lake ?

I find the problem with Coffee lake is that it's limited to only upgrading to other flavors of the i7 rather if one ever wants to upgrade to the i9 which can only be done though Skyl ake.  I understand both are nm14 therefore I assume the difference, although I don't know the specific differences between the two is small ?

Also why does it appear most socket 2066 boards have some sort of problem one way or another?



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I think the easiest answer is Coffee Lake suppose to be 10nm and Intel is having a hard time going lower than 14nm. So instead of delaying the socket, Intel dropped the new naming scheme on the current socket.

Intel really just renamed its SKU. i7 use to be anything that was on the high end. That for many years topped out at 6-8 cores. Now i5s are 6-cores, i7s are 8 and i9 is 8 and above.

The 2066 socket was extremely rushed. That is why it has so many problems.

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