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Upgrade path questions

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I am playing The Division beta and I'm looking to upgrade so I can play this game on Ultra settings and a reasonable FPS. Current benchmarks show AMD's are beating the nVidia's by up to 20FPS in some settings (see 



My current rig:

CPU: Core i5 2550K (Sandy Bridge) at 4.5Ghz

Mem:8Gb Corsair vengeance @ 1648Mhz

GPU: nVidia GTX770 2gb


I run everything fine with High settings and shadows down to Low/Mid my FPS maintains around 50ish out of combat and 30ish in combat


My question is should I spring for a GTX970/980 or should I consider a system rebuild to avoid bottlenecks? I'm not really wanting to do a full system build again so I'm leaning to just getting a new GPU, but what are your guys' thoughts? I was also thinking of just getting another GTX770 and doing SLI because doesn't DX12 and Windows 10 to combine the video memory to 4gb then rather than sharing the 2gb from one card?


Thanks for any input!

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With it being a new game, most people aren't going to know for sure.  But it won't hurt to get a better video card.  You can still use this later even if you decide to upgrade other things.  Try it and find out.  And unless you already own the best video card out there, or can get another one like your current one very very cheap, then the answer is always to have a better single card vs sli or crossfire.

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So I ended up upgrading from my GTX 770 2gb to a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 4gb


Now I cant wait until the division comes out! I will say, though, the new video card definitely improved The Witcher III with everything on ultra plus gameworks stuff! 

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