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  1. So I ended up upgrading from my GTX 770 2gb to a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 4gb Now I cant wait until the division comes out! I will say, though, the new video card definitely improved The Witcher III with everything on ultra plus gameworks stuff!
  2. I am playing The Division beta and I'm looking to upgrade so I can play this game on Ultra settings and a reasonable FPS. Current benchmarks show AMD's are beating the nVidia's by up to 20FPS in some settings (see ) My current rig: CPU: Core i5 2550K (Sandy Bridge) at 4.5Ghz Mem:8Gb Corsair vengeance @ 1648Mhz GPU: nVidia GTX770 2gb I run everything fine with High settings and shadows down to Low/Mid my FPS maintains around 50ish out of combat and 30ish in combat My question is should I spring for a GTX970/980 or should I consider a system rebuild to avoid bottlenecks? I'm not really wanting to do a full system build again so I'm leaning to just getting a new GPU, but what are your guys' thoughts? I was also thinking of just getting another GTX770 and doing SLI because doesn't DX12 and Windows 10 to combine the video memory to 4gb then rather than sharing the 2gb from one card? Thanks for any input!
  3. Kobe burgers and some truffle fries! So full

  4. Little day trip an hour outside Austin. Lockheart the birthplace of bar-b-q

  5. Case just got to me. I ordered the white one. Case is still for sale and already packaged. Unopened from BitFenix
  6. Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes. Really made my day!!

  7. Ghey! I was hoping there was some sort of software emulation that would allow it. Oh well! Thanks
  8. So I just got a pair of Razer Kraken Pro 7.1 Chroma headphones. It is a USB connection from the pair to my PC. Here's the question: Because they don't physically connect to my sound card are my headphones using my sound card? Are they Using their own built in sound card? Or somehow using my mobo audio even though I don't have the drivers installed? Thanks
  9. Decided to put some pics up of the inside. Cream on the inside, clean on the outside... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Ya it's reference. I'll just leave well enough alone right now and see how my apartment feels in the summer with this thing running lol
  11. Im just anticipating the summertime and I dont want 82c heat coming out the back of my case and warming up my apartment. lol
  12. What are your guys' thoughts on using some 3rd party app like Afterburner or EVGA to regulate the temps a bit better by ramping up the fan speed?
  13. So I'm sure somewhere buried in these forums there is a similar post , but I'm going to jest be a rebel. When I game for long periods of time my card is topping out at 82C, does this seem right? I heard these cards run hotter but dang my old 5850 topped out at 60c. Lemme know, Thanks!
  14. Loving my PC all over again -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Great sell. Hopefully you will still have some i7's when I save up some money. Or if your interested I can trade you my i5 2550k and give you 50 bucks for that i7
  16. So Bosco emailed me to choose a color. The color of this case will be White!
  17. Something that's in the $100 or less range, since that's all this case retails for.
  18. Also I'm willing to trade with any other Christmas contest winner
  19. They are great looking cases but Im just not ready to go mictoATX. I am, however, looking at the NZXT Razer case for my next case.
  20. haha!! Under load it maxes at 60c in a bad airflow case lol
  21. I just won this case in the 2014 Christmas contest and unfortunately I do not have a microATX mobo to fit it so if anyone wants it I will sell it for $60 and then you can just pick your color when Bosco messages me to send it. http://www.bitfenix.com/global/en/products/chassis/prodigy-m Moderators please let me know if this is OK for me to do. If not please delete this post and I will sell it after I recieve it. Just wanted to give a buyer a chance to pick the color.
  22. $60 + Shipping in the US Selling my HD5850 video card. I believe this was Diamond branded card and had the original cooler. I installed the aftermarket cooler on it about 6 months into using it. It also requires a dual 6 pin molex PSU connection UPDATE: SOLD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. Same here. Went to full and OMGZORS I forgot how good my LED looked
  24. Yay I wont the Prodigy M case! I've been hurting for a new case. Unfortunately I don't have a microATX mobo so sadly I might have to sell it or trade with someone else. I need a regular case
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