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The Photo Game V4.0


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Ok, if you played in the old thread then you should already know how this goes.
If not, then here is how it works:

Person A requests a photo of something.
Person B then takes the picture, posts it, receives one point and then requests something
ad nauseum


  • No taking pictures from other places, you must have personally taken the photograph for this game
  • Your name must be present in the image handwditten or displayed on a phone/tablet in the picture
  • Make requests sensible... nothing impossible
  • Each request is active for 8 hours, then anyone can call it dead and make the next request

This is the 4th iteration of this thread, here is the 3rd, 2nd and the 1st. (I think)


  • Andrewr05- 14
  • OwinC-10
  • sword_fish7
  • Onion- 5
  • BluePanda4
  • Phil- 3
  • 96andrei- 1
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