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Leadtek card

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Quad SLI is only two GTX 690s (since quad refers to number of GPUs, not number of cards). Four of them...well, that's just a big old hole in your wallet. :lol:

You sure that's the correct terminology? It just sounds weird to call it Quad SLI based on the number of cores. Do people call single GTX 690 builds as SLI then? Just doesn't sound right to me. Yes it has 2 cores, no it doesn't use SLI bridge. But then I guess it really comes down to do you actually go into Nvidia CP and enable SLI on these dual GPU cards or not.


Guy 1: I got SLI GTX 690 dude.

Guy 2: You spent $2000?

Guy 1: No man, just bought one.

Guy 2: Huh?




Update: Just saw a benchmark screenshot from the Nvidia release page and it is indeed Quad SLI. I still cannot accept this :P

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A single GTX 690 is SLI, yes. Just like my 5970 is Crossfire and two would be quadfire.

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