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New GPU, hanging startup

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Perform the following tasks:::


  • Remove unused programs
  • Install and run antispyware software
  • Free up wasted space with Disk Cleanup tool
  • Defragment your hard disk drive
  • Update the drivers



Stop Unwanted startup programs:


Start > Run > write msconfig > Click on StartUp tab

Deselect the programs you want to stop



Click Start - Run, type in %temp% and then click OK.


Once that temp folder is open and you can view its contents, select and delete EVERYTHING that's inside it.


It's all junk and is a good place for "nasties" to hide.


If a few files resist being deleted, that's normal. Leave them alone and delete EVERYTHING else.


Repeat the steps with c:\windows\temp


After you're done with both temp folders, restart the computer.


Stop unwanted services:::


Click Start, type services.msc in the Search box. Press ENTER. Right click and stop each service which is not necessary for you.

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I highly doubt the 350 W PSU even has a 6 pin. That 6850 needs a separate power plug from the PSU. You can't just put it in your computer (it worked for old cards but nowadays cards need more juice).

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The 350w is probably the issue. As for that Raidmax, it should be enough for your setup but any upgrades and you will need a better PSU. Big name brands cost more because they are better made and can actually produce the power they say, or close enough. Gotta pay to play.

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