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  1. Thank you whoever moved my post, got so caught up in typing the review I forgot to even look for another thread. Sorry!!
  2. Yes, this is obviously well past the day it was released. No, I have not played it up until now. I believe I picked up the game during the Steam holiday sales, and never really got into it until recently. I powered through and beat it in like 4-5 days. Others have done it faster, but I am not a speed rusher, and I have lots of other things to do as well. Also, I have not played the original Witcher, but I would like to now. Anyway, after starting and finishing the game, it did leave some impressions on me, both good and bad. I never really wrote a review on a game before, but I felt that this one needed it. So lets get into it. Every section will be based on a 10/10 scale, then the average will be the final score. Graphics: Absolutely stunning, tons of options to tweak it and everything looks gorgeous. Not exactly life-like, but I can tell a lot of work was put into the visuals in the game. Only gripe is reuse of same NPC models throughout the game for non-important roles. Minor issue, but really only one I have. 9/10 Sound/Music: Great voice acting, great sounds, decent music. I never really get into the music in games, but everything flows well. Everything seems correct, did not hear any issues or sounds that left me wondering what made it. 10/10 Controls: To be honest, the controls are a bit clunky and somewhat odd. There are quite a few keys you will normally have to use, and some of those are bound to keys that most people do not normally use. Also, to change key binds, it can only be done via the launcher, as you cannot access the key binds in game. You can't even see what the keys do in game, so jumping right in was very confusing as the tutorial did not give adequate description. One other thing, inventory and chat controls are very poor. You can use your mouse to click or move anything, but sometimes the space bar and the enter key interchange. For instance, to add a mutagen to a skill, you first have to press the space bar to mutate it, space bar to select the mutagen, and then enter to confirm. That isn't that hard, but the constant back and forth for everything you do is pointless, why not just make the space bar the only control? There are many other control quirks that I had issues with, similar to the mutagen controls, that really brought my opinion down. 5/10 Gameplay: The fighting is excellent, especially once you rebind keys to ones that make it easier. Signs are great, but I found bombs and traps and knives to really break the flow of combat. Most traps take a few seconds to deploy, so you more than likely have to suffer a few hits if you are fighting multiple enemies. Aiming bombs and knives was simple, but sometimes hard to see the impact point, so I had trouble lining up my shots when I first pushed the key. Beyond fighting, dialogue is pretty normal, pick a line and go through the conversations. Pretty similar to other RPG games. Alchemy and crafting was decent, but drinking potions took way too long and really decided why I went sword skill path and not alchemy skill path. Drinking one potion takes a minimum of 20 seconds because of the pointless mini cutscene of Geralt drinking a potion every time. Too long in my opinion, and really breaks the flow of the game. Meditation was simple, but I only really used it 4-5 times throughout my playthrough, just did not need it as much. The mini-games were nothing more than time killers, and you could not bet enough to make a decent income. Plus, the games never gave instruction and controls were sometimes not listed, so I had a hard time figuring out what to do. Again, minor quirks that break the flow of the game and drag it down. 6/10 Story: The story, once you get into it, is very well done. Lots of action, decent romance, good dialogue, among other things. It flowed pretty well with the theme of the game, and I did not feel out of place. My gripe with the story is that so many things happen or are talked about and I have no idea why or who these people are. There is almost no explanation for what happened in the past or who some people are, maybe because I need to play the first game? As a first time player, I have no idea who Zoltan or Dandelion are, and beyond the game telling me they are from Geralt's past, you are pretty much left to figure it out on your own. Yes, the story flowed in the theme of Witcher 2, but a game should not have me constantly looking up via the internet who people are or why things happened or are done a certain way. 7/10 First-Timers/Replayablitity: As a first-time player, the game has to be viewed as a good RPG with poor intangibles. The tutorial was a waste of time. CD Projekt Red could have made this game a complete knock-out with minor changes, but the fact that it has been out for a few years and these issues still persist is mind-boggling. Maybe some of that is because they are a Polish company and I live in the US, but I can only account for the game as it is for me. I would not recommend this to first-timers unless you are an avid gamer and willing to deal with the inconsistencies and clunky behavior. For replayability, I am definitely interested in going through again, especially since I know what to expect. I am also excited to get my hands on Witcher 3 when it comes out, as I am now a fan of the games. So, if you can get past the clunkiness and other issues, then the game is fun. 7/10 Final Score: 44/60 - 73.3% The game has so much potential and should be a lot better, so hopefully the company will listen to feedback and make Witcher 3 the 9/10 or 10/10 game it could be. Anyway, even getting a C score, I still enjoyed the game. Thoughts and/or critiques? I am no way a good reviewer, just thought that this game needed it because of the potential I saw in it.
  3. Well after submitting my updated resume, I received an email back that they have other applicants with more experience so an interview will not be given to me. *rolls eyes* Since when did experience become so important for an entry-level position, which I thought was to gain experience. Lol
  4. Thanks guys. I took your advice and cut out the details for the previous jobs that do not relate to the IT field. I tried to keep it one page, so I had some previous jobs (not all) and I included a part for what computer/tech experience I do have. I tried to not get into anything too specific, just a general overview of what I can do from being self-taught. I do not have the experience with programs like Python, etc, like you do Capitan, but since the position I am being considered for is entry-level in IT I am hoping my basic knowledge with computers and networking will be sufficient.
  5. Last October I was laid off from my job as a crane mechanic at multiple rail yards, and with nothing really being available my wife convinced me to go to school for a degree with computers. I just finished my first semester for my Bachelors in CIT, though I have not had any classes in that direct field yet because they are only available in the fall. Anyway, a friend of mine who recently graduated with the same degree has put in a good word for me with the universities IT department, and they want me to submit a resume with what computer/technology experience I have. I asked if I could list personal experience, as I have no job experience or actual training, and was told that personal experience would be accepted as well. Specifically, operating systems, hardware, networking, etc. Currently, my resume lists information regarding my experience in regards to heavy equipment. I am trying to figure out what kind of information I should put in place of what I already have. I was thinking of cutting out one of my previous jobs and adding a section for "Computer & Technology Experience". In there I could include every Windows since 2000, building and repairing hardware, home networking, etc. Obviously, you guys don't know exactly what I could do, but I am trying to see what would be some viable experience to list. Any tips/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. Oops, I know I forgot something! Thanks for the reminder lol.
  7. Just called FCPU, the guy who answered is actually the one I was dealing with over email. He said he had just received word back from XSPC. According to the email (I have not seen the email), XSPC says the 780ti reference layout changed and so they made an update to the acetal block, which compensates for the differences with the capacitors, and that they would be sending FCPU a batch of these new covers. I was asked if I would like one of the updated covers sent to me and I could replace it, and I said no because I have no need for it now, seeing as how I have another waterblock. He said I could then just send it back and they would issue a refund (and waive the restocking fee). This is what I wanted the most, and FCPU came through. Glad to see they are willing to go beyond what their policies state to ensure a happy customer, and I have no further issues with FCPU. They took care of me and I am happy. I still have to question why it took XSPC so long to come out with an updated cover, considering how long this design of cards has been out. Maybe I am mistaken and all the other waterblock manufacturers only recently came out with these new designs, but without doing much research I am led to believe the updated waterblock haves been out for a while. Also, with the time frame of almost 3 weeks from when FCPU and I contacted XSPC about this issue and their reply, it seems like maybe it was a long enough time to make an update to the cover really quick then make a batch of them (or just update older covers). Obviously that is just speculation, but it does make you wonder if XSPC only just realized the issue and acted quickly to make amends. Anyway, my issue is resolved.
  8. Nothing yet. I emailed the person last week asking if I could just send it back for a refund and I was told I would receive word by Monday, but have not received anything. Will be calling in the morning and either getting this resolved or opening a Paypal Dispute with FCPU. I have had a block I cannot use for two weeks now, no reply from XSPC and FCPU is really testing my patience.
  9. Bump, some parts added to Ebay so put in your bids! http://www.ebay.com/usr/traptpatriot09
  10. Just an update... FCPU contacted me back. "Dan, I did my homework on this and it appears this is indeed a reference design. I will see what XSPC has to say about this." Not sure if he meant it is a reference waterblock or it is a reference video card. I asked if I somehow got a pre-revision block if they made a revision for the 780ti, no response to that email yet. And still no word from XSPC, though it has been only a few business days.
  11. I mean what hardware are you using? And can you monitor the GPU and CPU temps?
  12. Well too late now anyway, but I still feel like this isn't a case of the wrong block being in the box. I guess time will tell, but until then I am still dissatisfied with XSPC. *edit* Oh and this is not the first time I have had issues with their products. So it's not like one thing happened and I went off.
  13. You see, I respect posts like that because they actually have more than just saying I'm wrong it was a mistake. I understand that custom layout cards are different, but I have a reference board, just one that is made by MSI. And yes, I understand there are still compatibility concerns even with reference designs, but anyone could see just by looking at the block and the cards that it will not work unless more of the acetal is removed to make room for the silver/blue capacitor. Also, I did say it was possible I received the wrong waterblock, but all the research I have done never showed any type of revision to the block to account for the changes in the 780ti. Other companies made the revisions and I easily found those, but either XSPC did not post about it or I cannot find it or it never happened. I would be more than happy to find out it was just a packing mistake, but if not then aren't my views justified? Plus, I still have not heard word back from either company. I don't think they are a manufacturing giant, but they are not a company run out of a garage either. I would think that with how much they produce and design, they are somewhat big compared to some of the other watercooling companies. Yes, every person and company makes mistakes, but nothing would be done if people did not make it into an issue. I am sure there are plenty of people that will not buy EK products because of the flaking issue, and they have every reason to support and post about that view. EK was held accountable and they paid for it, and they still are around today. XSPC will still make parts and sell them regardless of what happens with me. But to imply that I cannot post my views about them just because it will impact them takes the power out of the consumers hands and puts it into the companies. None of these companies would be in business if consumers did not buy their parts, so they have to deal with the good and the bad reviews.
  14. i5 2500k Asus Z77 Sabertooth MSI 780ti 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Samsung 120GB Evo 1TB HDD Corsair RM1000 Corsair 750D Asus VG248QE Corsair K70 Corsair M65 Logitech 2.1 speakers And lots of custom watercooling USA
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