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Started it up for the first time...fail


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So I got everything together except a video card. I'm using a core i5 2500K on an ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Z68 board with 8GB of Mushkin DDR3 1600 and a 120GB Mushkin SSD. I fired it up and it was going well until I tried installing Windows. It starts expanding the Windows files and at various progression points (on different attempts), the screen goes crazy. It looks like a video problem, almost like a video card crashing. Just a bunch of flashing colors with no discernable image on the screen. I checked the UEFI BIOS and made sure everything was set to default; the RAM is even underclocked by default.


I've no experience at all with the i5 video capabilities. The board has no onboard video, but as it does support HD2000/3000, it does have an HDMI port, D-Sub, and DVI. I'm using D-Sub currently because I brought the computer with me to work and that's all we have here. While it looks like a video problem, I'm not sure it is. Any ideas? Anyone else had an issue like this with a new build using this CPU and North Bridge? I hope it's just something simple I'm missing.


EDIT: Nevermind. Man, I am rusty at this. I forgot to check and make sure the primary video source was set to onboard in the BIOS. Default is set to PCI-E, of course.

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