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So for anyone who gets all of their political news from Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert, like myself, you probably have heard of this. For anyone that watches real political news, you probably don't know anything about what's really going on in the world around you. :lol:


Just a joke, don't take that personally.


Anyway the NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act has recently received a little change, as you can see in that link. I will highlight the important part though.


A recent provision in the NDA act for 2012 has received critical attention because Section 1031 allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, an unconstitutional precedent. The bill passed with 93 'yay' votes to 7 'nay' in the U.S. Senate, and is now available for view by the public


Now then, going back to my little joke earlier, it's my understanding that Jon Stewart was the first person in terms of mainstream media to bring up this matter. I also have another little link here that has some good info and links in it for anyone wanting to find out more about this.


So tell me, what do you guys think? Personally I'm actually a little bit shocked at the very idea of this, I had thought SOPA was to be my biggest worry but after hearing about this, my little jokes about leaving the country become serious considerations.



Here is the bit that Jon Stewart did, took me a while to find it because I'm too stupid to check his website first. :lol:

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I haven't read the links yet, but this makes me wonder if it is a legal way for the government to jail terrorists. For instance, take the inmates at G-MO. You make them become US citizens, and under this law, you can jail them indefinitely for anything you conceive that they have or haven't done. That keeps foreign countries from asking too many questions about their previous citizens as to their whereabouts, treatment, or ability to be released.


It may also quash the ability of the UN to file charges against the US gov for illegal detention of foreign nationals.

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