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  1. Congratulations to everyone! I'm pretty excited to get this SSD, it's something I've been thinking about getting for a while now. BIG Thanks to OCC and Kingston!!! Happy New Year!
  2. Definitely looking forward to Killing Floor 2, Killing Floor is probably my most played game of all time.
  3. I actually tried some of that at the bar a couple weeks ago, thought it was okay but nothing to write home about. I wasn't sure what to expect from it though, and didn't know it was a scotch at the time, though most blended scotch I find is only going to go so far. Speaking of good whiskey, I got some neat little trinkets at Hyvee today, one of them being a Woodford bottle stopper, I wish it was a pourer but oh well, they gave it to me for free along with some glasses. It's awesome what a person can get with a simple question. They just take apart the gift sets after the holidays anyway so I like to get the jump on it.
  4. So I had a Bourbon County from Goose Island earlier tonight and at 15% ABV, I didn't need much else to get a decent buzz. It was an amazing beer, extremely flavorful, lot of bourbon flavor. Very very dark beer, with a dark red/brown head to it. I found it the be a great way to start the new year! I had the Narwhal a while back, it was delicious and showed me that Sierra Nevada can certainly make something other than their famous pale ale, which I don't care for. I've been going through several stouts lately, tried Guinness Extra Stout again recently after having not had it for quite some time, I honestly found it to be a little too sweet. I picked up a 4 pack of Founder's Breakfast Stout, those are amazing, perhaps the most flavorful stouts I've tasted. A really good oatmeal cream stout I found recently was Buffalo Sweat, though it was a little sweet for my taste. All in all, 2013 was a fun year for beer, and I expect 2014 to be even better!
  5. Sounds like a fun idea to me, but I enjoy working with paracord and while I haven't done anything quite like that, I do find it to be fairly easy to work with after a while.
  6. My dad got a bottle of Basil Hayden the other day and after having tried it again I would have to say it's the best bourbon I've tasted. Definitely worth trying if you get the chance.
  7. Awesome looking prizes as usual! Thanks to OCC and all the companies that put up the prizes! Entered!
  8. I got my hands on an Old Rasputin last night and it was delicious, my kind of stout for sure.
  9. I bought a glass of Glenlivet last night at the bar and can safely say that I loved it this time around.
  10. Have you tried the VH Screen Capture Driver? It's the only thing I ever found to work very well.
  11. I'd really like to try Old Rasputin sometime, I don't think I can get it around here though. Luckily I'm headed to the big city tomorrow so maybe I can find it there. Has anyone on here heard of Bat Creek Brewery? It's the closest brewery to where I live and it puts out some pretty good beers but I don't think it's widespread yet. Probably not outside of MO or IL yet I'm thinking.
  12. I think you guys mean Fat Tire, not Flat Tire. Personally not a big fan of Fat Tire though, I feel like I'm drinking a biscuit. I do love New Belgium though, my favorites by them so far are Trippel and Abbey. I don't know about the micro part but I would still consider Sam Adams to be a craft beer brewer. I personally like their Cream Stout and enjoyed their Oktoberfest. They seem to focus on lagers a lot though and I'm not a fan of lagers so I don't drink Sam Adams often. Guinness makes good beer if you actually get their good beer. Guinness Draught is nasty I think, I feel like I'm drinking some kind of watery mud. Their Extra Stout isn't bad though. I've heard they make a lot of other good beers that aren't well known. There's a guy that gets their non-alcoholic beer, Kaliber, by the case weekly at my store, I figure it must taste good if he's willing to drink so much non-alcoholic beer.
  13. My favorite ale so far is probably Jubalale from Deschutes(which is one of my absolute favorite brewers) I don't have a favorite IPA or Lager, I just don't enjoy those styles much, I can and have enjoyed them but the beer has to be of a rather high quality and that usually means spending more than I'm willing. My favorite porter is probably Black Butte, although Edmund Fitzgerald definitely comes in as a close second. I also really enjoy Schlafly Porter, Boulevard's Bully Porter, and more. Favorite stout is really hard to choose, there's so many I love for different reasons. Obsidian Stout for it's simply raw stout feel and flavors, it lacks in sweetness and focuses on a lot of flavor. Oatmeal Stout from Schlafly for being a sweeter but still well balanced stout. Satin Solitude for being a strong but balanced stout. I can't really pick a favorite among these three, it all depends on what I'm in the mood for at the time. Favorite Belgian would be Trippel from New Belgium, I love the coriander flavor. Favor other? Definitely Scotch Ales, Porters and Stouts are my favorites overall but then Scotch Ales come in at number three. I find them to share much of the same complexity and variety that Scotch itself possesses. So far my favorites for this are Belhaven, Scotty Karate, Dirty Bastard. I would have to say my absolute favorite beers so far have come from Stone Brewing though, their collaboration beers, which I've only had two of so far, are incredible, first one being the W00tStout, hands down the best beer I've had yet. Beer you've had that you thought was over rated? Probably Founder's Porter, I was shocked that I didn't enjoy it because I love porters and heard it's one of the best but I just didn't like it that much for some reason. Best beer you've had that you were surprised by? Probably Hoppin' Helles from Leinenkugel, their beers tend to be on the sweeter side, more like soda or kool-aid than beer. This one was more like a real good hoppy beer though. I'm not usually a fan of hoppy beers either, I find most of them, like IPAs just don't have good balance, either too bitter or not bitter enough or just too much focus on that single bitter flavor. Your go-to every day beer? I don't really have an every day beer, when I drink beer I like to drink something different each time I pick up a bottle. I go from a stout to a porter to an ale to another porter then to a different porter and back to an ale, etc. I rarely drink the same beer twice in a row.
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