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Mobo has OC capabilities [Auto], stable for my processor?

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I just built my very first computer (YAY!). These are the specs:




WINTEC AMPX 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1333


AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz


RAIDMAX Blackstone series RX-700AC 700W Continuous Power


NZXT GAMMA Classic Series GAMA-001BK Black Steel ATX Mid


Crap, I knew I forgot something... bwahhaha. Haven't bought one yet, plan on it soon, so ignore that for now. Intending on buying this sometime real soon:

SAPPHIRE 100338L Radeon HD 6770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5


Running windows 7 pro 32-bit (not a big fan of 64-bit, sorry)


Basically since the mobo has an AI tweaker built into the bios, I can choose profiles for overclocking my cpu. I can choose 2%, 5%, 8% and 10%. I did enable the 10% for OC (everything was set to [Auto] such as voltage and all the other horns and whistles in BIOS. I ran Everest Ultimate (trial version) for 5 minutes with speedfan and cpu-z and did a stability stress test in Everest. In the CPU usage graph, it had the cpu at 100% and the temperature of the CPU maxed out at about 57 deg. Celcius(same as CORE temp on speedfan) and the temp1 on speedfan maxed at about 52 celcius. Are those temperatures probably the maximum my system would undergo if I were running it a max load? Remember I am still a newb at OCing, and curious if it was alright for my system to be at 3.5ghz (reading were at about 1.4v for the cpu also-set automatically to adjust).


If any clearing up in my rambling needs to be done, let me know. Thanks.




*forgot to add, I do have my bios set to OC my system at 3.5ghz with auto-configure voltage and all that jazz, but my system is roughly 36-37 celcius at idle speed (me writing this thread).

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Lol to start off, Welcome to OCC!!


now what do you mean you "aren't a fan of 64bit"??


I'm assuming you came from XP 64bit or something because that's the only OS that 64bit was troublesome. You might as well of gotten 3GB of memory because that's all you'll have available with that 1GB graphics card in there :P



I guess you have the stock cooler so yeah those temps sound about right, and you are still under the safe max (62C) so you're alright but if you want to go further I recommend you getting a better CPU cooler.


I've never used Everest's stress test but I'd run Prime95 in blend mode to make sure that is the highest temps you'll be hitting, and use HWMonitor or AOD (AMD OverDrive) to view the temps.


You should try to set the voltage exactly to what is required, you may be able to cool down your overclock if you're comfortable with it's frequency for now!


Maybe start with 1.25v and work up or down how ever much you need to.

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