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OCC Spam/Report Guide


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Good day fellow OCC’ers


I would like to make members publically aware on how to deal with spam/inappropriate posts using the report button.

Every post in this forum has a report button available for you to use which is placed on the left of the bar below the post in question. Click on the “Report” Button with the visible exclamation mark in a triangle.




This opens a window with a text box for you to type in the message regarding the post in question.

For example : A spam post; racist post; flame post or anything offensive that is against the rules.

A kind reminder to not use this to communicate with us casually, please make use of the Personal Messenger system.




After you have typed your report, click on the “Submit Report” button.

This sends us a link to both the post and thread so that we can be aware of the issue and the earliest moderator or administrator will deal with the post/thread in the correct manner.

If you are unsure whether it is spam or not, please state so in the report.

Usual spam is normally posted in the wrong section and nearly always has links to some sort of external website (though some can have no links but pictures of the product or random pictures).


Please do not post in a spam thread. It only allows the spammer to gain more views which thus brings him closer to his goal

Overall, it also makes the problem larger for us to clean up.


I would like to thank every person who has reported or will report spam/inappropriate posts in the future.


Kind Regards,

OCC Moderation and Administration Staff

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