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having ram problems and lots of confusion..

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Ok so im running a 1055t (3.99ghz)on a GA-890GPA-UD3H and ive got something not right here.. i think..


at the moment im running el cheapo Kingston Value ddr3-1333 running at 1519mhz (7-7-7-20) and the cpu at 3.99ghz with a fsb 285


voltages r 1.56 for Dram, 1.36 for NB and 1.4 for CPU and its super stable and from benches, super fast..


but i wanted to reach over 4ghz.. but my current ram seems to limit that.. as soon as i go the next step 286mhz FSB with gives me just over 4ghz (4.004) it crashes constantly..


no matter how much i up the voltage.. i guess they just cant cope.. so i went and got some g.Skill ripjaws today.. the 1600mhz CL9 variety.. and i was assured it would run awesome..


bull crap i says.. it doesnt even get to 3.5 stable anymore.. voltages do nothing.. as soon as i move away from the 1600mhz rating, they produce errors like mad in memtest86+... im talking 4608 errors to be exact.. so back to stock i got.. 1600mhz and bench it.. to see if they atleast run faster than my el cheapo kingston....


fail... they run slower.. wtf..


i called them (shop) up and they said possibly dud sticks.. but i dunno... im not convinced..


im returning the sticks for a refund and id like to try some other brand.. but im a lil cautious now as they arent exactly cheap...


maybe i should stick with my el cheapos as they seem to perform perfectly..


any ideas?

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so... 64 views later and no1 knows whats going on hahahah


well i bought a set of hyperx sticks to go with my values and they both oc very nicely and work well together..


eventually will buy another set of hyperx to match and then start ocing some more..


thanks for all the help.. not :-/

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