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USB Internet Phone book error - stuck


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Hey, I just bought Cat CDMA USB internet today, and I am trying to install it and having a lot of problems. I am runing windows x64 bit visa fwiw.


I Install all the drivers, software etc. I get the screen showing "ready" for connection, but when I hit connect I get an error:


"The system could not update the phone book file".


When I hit OK, the Mobilink3 program stops responding and closes.


I have googled a similar error, and this is the only solution I could find (but I did find it over and over)


Re: Error 624: The system could not update the phone book file

To resolve this issue, first locate the Rasphone.pbk file and make sure that the read-only file property in the Properties dialog box is not selected. If it is not selected, the file may be damaged and you must rename the Pbk folder to Pbk.old. The Pbk folder is located in the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections" folder. If you cannot see the Pbk folder, make sure that you can see hidden files and folders. To do so, follow these steps:




Click Start , click My Computer, and then click Folder Options on theTools menu.

2.Click the View tab.

3.Click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.


This seems to be a windows XP fix. I tried this in the connections folder, but there was no rasphone.pbk file, and it was marked "read only". After searching around, I did find a second pbk folder, which I could not rename to pbk.old (it was somewhere in win32 file) as I did not have access. It also did not contain rasphone.pbk . So, I am stuck on the solution. Interestingly enough, enough google searching made me think that rasphone.pbk might be related to a virus? I am clueless. I live somewhere where taking back the USB stick to the shop would be pretty difficult, I don't speak the language and they are usually incompetent as is.

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