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new build here


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Hey there I just threw up my post in the noobz section lol but I thought I might add this in here to this section. I just built my first rig, ive always upgraded and what not just never had the money to do a full build so im rather happy right now :), but anyways I've never overclocked before and was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or even suggestions bc i plan on adding more to it also in the next month or two. maybe purchasing another GPU and running crossfire with it. but anyways heres what i have.



- NZXT Tempest Blk ATX Mid Tower Case


- ASUS M4A79T Deluxe AMD 790FX Socket AM3 Motherboard


- AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition AM3 CPU (from playing around with the O.C. software that came with the mobo i believe i was running at 3.8 but couldn't really tell a difference except for temp was up just a bit. Was playing all this on crysis at max settings which it will only run about 20 fps :(, thought i was building something good to run it :( lol.)


- Diamond Radeon HD 5770 1GB PCIe w/Dual DVI/HDMI


- Corsair 4096MB PC10600 DDR3 1333MHz (2x2048MB)


- XION Power Real 800W ATX Power Supply


- WD Caviar 500GB Serial ATA HD 7200/32MB/SATA-3G




So any help is greatly appreciated, I'm currently playing Crysis on it, Playing on max settings with the natural mod on it I'm running around 20 fps outside and down to 15 fps at some points :(. Soo thanks again in advance for the help and any suggestions that anyone has.



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thank you :), and yea I didn't know much about power supplies or anything like that I just knew to look for one that had decent power then I went by the price and the reviews :(, i was shopping on tigerdirect and that was about all i had to go on. But anyways I do plan on adding more to the build and I want to eventually switch out for a modular power supply. Yea that mod made it look nice but I can't really tell for the most part, so i think i might take it off.



Looks like a good build (although I'm not sure about the XION power supply...)


Crysis is difficult on any hardware...I'm not sure if that mod helps.

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