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Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 - help


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I recently bought an Auzentech Forte. I've connected it via coax digital to the input on my Inspire 5700 receiver. Running a speaker test just creates static and testing the sample rate only seems to work occasionally at 44.1 khz. Sound from itunes will occasionally play after a test is run with that sample rate. Sound in some games will also work occasionally. Seemingly at random the sound will drop changing to different applications and not return (I have only been able to get sound to come back a few times after reinstalling drivers and running tests at different sample rates, occasionally after powering on or off the receiver.


I have yet to put a dvd through to see if dolby 5.1 works, but the tests run through the windows sound manager fail and create only static.


I'm wondering if the receiver and soundcard are incompatible or if there's a pass through setting that needs to be changed that I'm missing.


None of the preset modes in the creative audio console seem to work except occasionally entertainment mode.


I'm getting pretty frustrated at this point and am considering taking the card out unfortunately.


Thanks for any assistance you could render in advance.

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ok, first of all do you have the latest drivers from azuntech website?


now, I don't know much about creative inspire, but does it have a port for a toslink cable? use that instead of the coaxial. if not, use a regular 2 channel wire and make sure your sound card is working properly first. also test with headphones plugged directly into the sound card.


make sure in your sound card control panel that the SPDIF button is enabled

if you have a reverse S/PDIF in button check that and see if it helps at all

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Use Auzen speakers as your default sound output in windows and turn dolby digital live or dts connect encoding on. That's probably your best bet. (This assumes you're using Vista/7)

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ahh, thanks for the tips guys. Going to try it out tonight after work.


Just to confirm though, we have downloaded the latest drivers. And yup we have Windows 7 installed.



Core 2 Duo e6850



Asus P5n32-e sli plus


Operating System:

Windows 7 64bit Home Edition



Version 1.1


Playback Software:

Itunes up to date


CPU Speed:






Graphics Card:

Single BFG Geforce 260


AV Receiver:

Creative Inspire 5700 receiver


Other PC Specifications:

Creative Inspire 5700 receiver

BFG Geforce 260

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