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  1. Good luck everyone! Bosco I hope you feel better soon!
  2. The second screenshot is what happens when you fail to get a dhcp address, and the DNS servers are some sort of localhost IPv6 ones. Maybe you can try removing those tunnel adapters to see if they're causing any problems. Also, just to confirm you're using the drivers from the ralink/mediatek website, right? Another thing is it might be caused by some conflict in router vs PC settings - channel, network type, etc. Are you connecting on N or G? And a final question: Has it ever worked before? Or first time trying at home :-)
  3. RIP 2012 (2012-2012) stolen from reddit Happy new year everyone!
  4. I would go with the 27" purely for size. I went from a 23" sammy to a 27" acer and never looked back. The acer was a lower resolution(1080p) than the samsung (2048x1152). I usually don't like comparing specs but rather just turning them on and comparing.
  5. Congrats winners! I'm currently playing Dead Space 2 so Midnight Rider is a kindred spirit
  6. Stealing Cap's template CPU: Intel i7 3770K @ 4.4 GHz w/HT Cooling: Corsair H100 @ stock MB: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H (rev. 1.0) Memory: 2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz @ 9-9-9-24-2T at 1.5V Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 670 2GB FTW @ stock Sound Card: Onboard Speakers: Logitech Z560 Headset: Corsair Vengeance 1500 SSD (OS): Mushkin Chronos SATA3 120 GB SSD (Steam): OCZ Vertex 2 120 GB HDD (Storage): RAID 1 2x3TB Seagate PSU: Corsair HX750 Case: CM Storm Trooper Monitor(s): 1x Acer H274HL 27" 1920x1080 + 1x Samsung 2343BWX 23" 2048x1152 KB: Das Mechanical Keyboard Professional Silent - Cherry MX Brown Mouse: Logitech Performance Mouse MX Country: Canada
  7. I use the daskeyboard silent pro and it's awesome.
  8. The stuttering on that video drove me insane. I hope it's not just my computer
  9. I would also recommend cleaning it out with some compressed air if you haven't already. I've had cases where the dust got into unused memory slots, caused a short, and gave me the same issues you describe. A little bit of compressed air got it all running again.
  10. I bought this exact card on the 6th from NCIX Edit: 670
  11. I feel your pain. Been waiting forever for the 680s to be in stock. And then I read things like this (granted, the site's name suggests that it might not be completely accurate) Bah...I'm more than half tempted to just go AMD now.
  12. If Onion can't find anything then I have 2x1GB of PC2-5300 SODIMMs. You can have them if you cover the shipping but they'll be coming from Toronto
  13. Good luck getting a 680 I'm in the same boat. Waiting for a 3570K and 680 to be available. There's a pretty nice Galaxy GTX 680 available. Factory OC'd to 1110 MHz. But I've never got a Galaxy brand card before and I don't know if they're reliable. (link)
  14. viperk1

    Torchlight 2

    Hugely anticipating this. Bought a copy too I already have the first Torchlight so there's a free copy for anyone who wants it.
  15. They actually couldn't make it white and call it the storm trooper because of star wars copyright. They have a white one coming out but it's under a different name.
  16. Going through this exact scenario. Currently on an Antec 900 and switching to a CM Storm Trooper with an H100. (BTW currently on sale for 139.99 @ CC: link) Just waiting for Ivy to release before grabbing my CPU. Everything else is bought (except GTX 680 )
  17. I guess this is a canada vs usa price difference thing? haha. Are you buying from newegg.com? I'm buying from various retailers in Toronto. That AX750 for $115 is a great deal. For the motherboards, the D3H has the VIA VT2021 while the UD5H has the Realtek ALC898. I emailed gigabyte and they said only the UD5H and sniper lines have the dts encoding. The H100 I bought from canadacomputers.com when it was on sale earlier this week. It looks like it was around $80 on April 8th too, but I missed out on that sale. I definitely over budgeted for the video card. Better safe than sorry, hehe.
  18. Well, the general feeling I'm getting is that I can go ahead and pull the trigger and this will last me til my next computer with no problems Fogel, what you're describing will probably be my next computer. This system is only the second one I've ever built and it's a big leap forward from my current one, haha. Cap, you must keep warm in winter with those 7 computers Silence will definitely be one of my targets on the next build.
  19. Have you tried Hard Reset? I've heard good things about it and totalbiscuit did a "WTF is...?" on it a while back:
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