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No Welcome Back T_T


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I die for a few days and no one notices T_T... am i really that... unloved.... Nah, i got my new system up and running :) here's my specs


P4 2.26

Thermalright AX-478 w/ TT smart case fan

P4S533 Mobo

DA-01W case

5 TT smart case fan (loud)

Hercules Game Theatre XP

32X/10X/40X Sony burner

4X/4X/24X Phillips burner

6X Toshiba DVD-Rom

Toshiba Floppy

2 60gb Maxtor

13gb Quantum Fireball


I love this new system, but the fans are LOUD!!! I wouldn't reccommend putting that many fans into your system if you have sensative ears.

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you know what's scary... I'm already used to the noise of the fans... but i only notice it when someone makes a comment about the noise or when its too hot in my room. The philips burner was my 3 yr old burner i got from gateway when i built my "SUPER MACHINE!!!" that was just a pos, but it taught me alot so i'm thankful. I'm thinking of gettting a digitaldoc5 or waiting for the dd5 to come out with a baybus feature.

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