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New Ram not running advertised timings?

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Like the title and description say, I have some ddr3-1333 memory that is supposed to be 6-6-6-20 @ 1.8V, but as installed it is 9-9-9-24.

I think my voltage is around 1.5V because I've never changed it. It's a completely new build (see my system setup).

I've verified that it is running in dual channel and @ 667MHz (1333)


Simply trying to input 6-6-6-20 results in imediat system hang and me having to clear the MoBo and reset the entire bios. Using AMD Overdrive, the best benchmark (through AOD) I have tested was the following. I only changed those clock values, left everything else auto and did not change voltage because I really have no clue what I'm doing and don't want to fry 4 sticks of DDR3.


Tras - 22

Tcas - 9 (AOD wouldn't let me adjust this, but I can change it in the bios)

Trp - 8

Trcd - 8


Can anyone shed some light on this or point me to some good reading about how to get my memory timings to the advertised 6-6-6-20?

One thing that worries me is that if I try to adjust voltage to 1.8V in the bios, the number turns yellow (as if a warning).


Once my memory is set up, I'm going to start working on learning about processor overclock. From what I already understand, the PhII X3 720BE is an easy overclock by just changing the multiplier and with my cooler, I shouldn't have too much trouble using AOD. I don't think OCing the HD4870 is worth it for me, as it's only driving a 22" 1080p... so should be able to handle most any game even on highest settings.

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Is this what you have?


If it is, up that dram voltage to 1.8v! Don't worry about the colours in the bios.


Welcome to OCC! :)


Yessir it is! Only Newegg has it for $35/stick right now. Sure it's not a 'kit'... but it will dual channel just fine.



So, using the bios, if I up the dram voltage straight to 1.8v and leaving everything else on auto will it time out to 6-6-6-20 on it's own?

Or do I have to mess with that monstrous list of timings? :blink:

I'll try this with 2 sticks installed tonight, because incase I fry something, 2 sticks is cheaper to replace.


Also, is there a downside to running 1.8v instead of 1.5v? Will I kill my ram sooner or generate too much heat? Is there a way to monitor this?

My MB has, like, NO room betwwn the DIMM slots. I'm starting to think pulling the heat spreaders may allow for more ram cirrculation.


Thanks for the help!

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Bringing it up to 1.8v should bring down the timings to their proper levels, however, if it doesn't you will need to adjust them manually. It's not very difficult, but try it leaving the timings set to 'Auto.'


Running at 1.8v will allow you to run the sticks at their rated speed, as that's the voltage they need to run at that speed properly. Running them at their rated specifications won't cause it to cease functionality earlier than normal, because the rated spec's are normal.


Leave the heat spreaders attached. Taking them off would do more harm than good, especially in a low circulation environment. The spreaders provide a way for the heat to dissipate more easily thus giving you lower temp's than without. Think of it like your processor. Sure, taking the heat sink off will allow more air to come in direct contact with the processor, but it won't do you any good. Rather, it would be quite detrimental to your goals.

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Don't worry about the voltages. Just set it to spec, and set your timings manually if you have to. 1.8V isn't very much. (My DDR1 DIMMs run happily at 2.7V. :lol: Don't try that with DDR2/3 :P)


If they cook at the rated voltage and timings, send them right back to the manufacturer. Memory turnarounds are pretty quick :)

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