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Why Have This Problem ????


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Interesting graphics :lol:


I agree with Damian... I'd uninstall and drivers and turn off the PC, take out the card, clean the connectors with rubbing alcohol and then reinstall. Boot up your PC, go to Bios and reset everything to Default Settings and then boot as usual. Then reinstall the drivers off the CD you got with the card if you got it. If everything goes good, then go to the video card manufacturers site and get the updated drivers if you wish. Keep in mind, you may have to uninstall the current ones to install updated ones or you may have problems.


For Nvidia, Just uninstall and then reboot, and then install the newer updated drivers. If they work fine, then you're set. If not, then you'll know it's a driver problem






Saw your post after my reply... Did you uninstall the current drivers before installed the new ones? That may be the problem if your video was fine before the update.


On a side note, I did have a set of ATI Drivers a while back that caused alot of havoc with my games. I uninstalled them, went back a month and got the previous drivers and never had a problem after that

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ya, i have uninstall the driver then restart , after all install the new driver , but the problem remain the same .....

the problem exist when i play online game


but i play need for speed undercover, left 4 dead, far cry 2 dont have any problem ......


what make the problem exist??

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