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Ati 9200 Vs Sunsway 9200


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Ok, I really need to know if there's a difference between the ATi 9200 ( http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...3437&pfp=BROWSE ) and the Sunsway 9200 ( http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...403267&pfp=cat3 ). I ask because the Sunsway is on sale and if I buy it today I get shipping for a penny

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EEEEW! never buy a sunsway! they have mongolian kids away in singapore making these things! you know, the kind that used to work for nike?


anyone that thought that was true...please pm me. i know a psychologist.


yeah, but anyway, i wouldn't have gone with the sunsway. but...i bet you could find some nub out there that will buy it from you for what your bought it for...possibly more.


like always, www.newegg.com owns.


here's a gigabyte version for 70 bucks



nev3r buy retail...NEEEEVAAH!


buy an athlon xp 2500 from newegg (retail package) for 95 bucks


or buy an athlon xp 2500 from compusa (retail package) for 150 bucks...i'd go with newegg.


and that concludes the lesson for today...test next week. :P

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