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Q9550 E0<---anyone Seen One Yet?

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It will probly be a few more months before they are out in force but has anyone seen one yet or gotten one from an Etailer? Im still weighing my options on my next build. I just picked up a 8800 Ultra and im reusing my Crucial Ballistix Tracers pc6400 and 600w psu. Some ideas of builds ive been pondering are:


Midrange build - E8600 and the Biostar T Power I45, I like the Asus Maximus II but its a little pricey.....Skys the limit apparently on this thing 4.5ghz+


Budget - Q6600 G0 and the DFI DK P35.....3.2ghz to 3.6ghz and I would be happy out of it.


Pricey - Q9550 and a DFI P45 or possibly the Maximus II......3.4ghz-3.6ghz should do it.



I do mostly gaming and I plan on overclocking some, but money does factor in too. If I get the Q9550 id like to have E0 stepping like the E8600 is guaranteed with but I really dont want to wait a couple months.


Theres so many options :glare:

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