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    Core2Duo E4300 @ 3Ghz -- AC Freezer 7 Pro -- Gigabyte GA-965P S3 -- 2x 1Gb DDR2 800
    Nvidia 880GTS 320Mb -- 250GB + 400GB HDD's -- Hiper Type-R 530W -- Vista Home Premium
  1. Thanks for the suggestions but I'm certain the connections are correct because it had been working for months and then just stopped. I've inspected the connections now as part of my debug. The Hiper PSU is gone, it blew up. So I now have a 600w OCZ which is two years old. Hmm...motherboard?
  2. Results are: 12.18 5.14 3.42 So the 3.3V is closest to exceeding the +/-5% but is still within the spec.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I just tried that and the PSU fan runs and it also ran one of the system fans so it appears to be working, although not necessarily good as you say. I don't have a scope to watch the rails for anything strange so can't tell you more than that. Does this point to some motherboard/cpu failure? I has been overclocked and overvolted (1.325V --> 1.365V) for >5 years so maybe it just went pop?
  4. Hi all! I'm posting here because it might be PSU related. Essentially I came back to the computer in my sig, press the power button and there is nothing. No beep, no fans, no LEDs, just silence. So I've changed the power lead for one that I know is working, removed all of the hard drives and then removed the graphics card. It still does nothing. I even checked the powerbutton connection to the motherboard. Also the LEDs in my mouse do not light so the USB supply is off too (normally it is always on when the Bonnier is off) So, do I just buy a new PSU or something? It's an old computer and I changed the psu about two years ago when the original blew. The new one is a corsair stealth 600w. I'd appreciate any debug ideas since the lack of any life makes it difficult to point to one thing. Cheers guys!
  5. If done well they can be epic and totally immersive but sometimes there is a crap load of trekking about needed (lord of the rings online for example).
  6. It sounds like you are really happy with the current setup so I'd be inclined just to leave it completely as is. Try compressing the videos and if you aren't happy with the quality then go for the laptop option.
  7. Your links seem to suggest that you can get the cpu for about $100 less and the gpu for $50 less, so are you paying over the odds?
  8. Thanks for all your help dude! I've actually gone for a Sandisk Ultra Plus with read/write speeds of 530/445 and a copy of w7
  9. Ah thanks! I would be interested in getting one which would last a bit longer as I intend to keep drives until the size is obsolete. And you are probably right about the speed thing, they are all going to smoke normal HDDs. I may upgrade in the next year because it really needs it, but no solid plans yet and this SSD could add some extra life again.
  10. Wow, sorry for forgetting about this thread guys! I've been moving house and super busy, thanks for the replies! So I only picked the octane because it was cheap but for
  11. Hi, I'm thinking of getting an SSD to improve the boot time and general feel of my (quite old) system, given in my sig. But as the motherboard was around before SSDs were common I doubt it has a hard drive controller on it designed with SSDs in mind. So are there any problems that I might encounter because of the age of the board? And I was considering an OCZ octane 256Gb just because it is about the size that I need and is pretty cheap. It 'supports' TRIM but googling suggests that I need win7 to use TRIM because it is part of the OS, not some feature on the controller on the drive. Is this the case and therefore will I need to replace Vista with 7 specifically for this feature? Cheers guys! ::edit:: I've also realised I don't have any sata3 ports so will need to use a PCI-e daughter card for this, prices are around
  12. CPU: C2D E4300 @ 2.7 Motherboard Gigabyte 965P-S3 RAM 2x 2Gb 800MHz Corsair XMS2 GPU 320Gb 8800GTS Storage 1Tb + 500Gb HDD Chassis 'icute' brand Cooling AC Freezer Pro 7 + Zalman NB47J (Northbridge) PSU Corsair 600W Display 2x Acer 22" Audio DIY LM3886 Amp Keyboard Logitech (came free) Mouse Razer Krait (with new LEDs) Country: United Kingdon
  13. Indeed. And that could give you a nice boost, all depending on which games you want to run of course.
  14. Will the E8400 clock a little higher?
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