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    Sound Blaster Audigy SE
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    Win Xp x64
    3DMark06 Score 19,767
  1. Heres my 05 and 03 scores.
  2. I do that too. I only go in box stores to check out what im going to buy online later for half the price. When they got rid of there commissioned salesmen in favor of $8 an hour high school kids about ten years ago is when I could see the ship sinking.
  3. I need some RAM with some more firepower and some better CPU cooling before I go much higher, maybe even a Q9550 E0, im not sure how much this Q9450 has left in it. My RAMs running a 150mhz overclock right now I need 1066. I'm pretty happy though, my goal was 20k and im just about there.
  4. Looks like we broke a record up here Quoted from WLBZ.com BIG BLACK RIVER (NEWS CENTER) -- At 7:30 Friday morning a U.S. Geological Survey guage recorded negative 50 degrees fahrenheit in Big Black River. The current coldest temperature for Maine was recorded in 1925 in Van Buren and was negative 48 degrees. For it to become the official coldest temperature, the Maine Climate Extremes Committee must check the equipment used to record it. The committee is in the process of validating it. If confirmed, the Big Black River minus 50 degrees would tie New England's coldest on record. The current record for New England was set on December 30, 1933 in Bloomfield, Vermont -21F in my car this morning and -40F where I go snowmobiling.
  5. If their local store here is any model of how all the other stores run they did it to themselves and are not a victim of "the current economic situation". I swore off CC a long time ago, the outrageous prices and don't give a s% employees did them in for me.
  6. So close to 20k Computer specs are in my sig.
  7. I have the BFG 800w ES and its been great so far at powering two overclocked 2900XT 1Gb cards. I don't know what the power consumption difference is between them and the GTX 280 but I do know the 2900XTs are notorious for sucking power like its going out of style. Granted price was a big factor when I got mine, I got it off the egg for $109.99 with a $40 MIR so it ended up being $69.99
  8. Quite cold here tonight, Dangerous cold warned in Maine By The Associated Press AUGUSTA, Maine
  9. They are definetly nice CPUs, id like to see if mine could do 4GHz but right now im ram limited and I need better cooling.
  10. My brother has the 1200 and I have the 900, theres really not a whole lot of difference between them. It all comes down to personal preference. The 1200 was too big for my taste.
  11. I remember: Apple IIe green screen computers with 5.25 floppy drives. Windows 3.1 Windows 95 and Microsoft Bob Back when a 2.1gb HDD was massive 8mbs of ram was more than you would ever need When CD players and CD burners used to cost hundreds of dollars When Pentium 166mhz cpus were considered state of the art Intellevision When the first NES came out remember duck hunt??? Quake 1 Playing duke nukem on an OS2 laptop Voodoo cards I got lucky I had the 33.6kbs modem haha
  12. E8400 is $149.99 at tigerdirect right now. i7 920 is $269.99. Id keep whatcha got though.
  13. Were not part of the union either, I think Bush lost us to Canada in a poker game.
  14. This isnt a newer version of one of there old ones. Its completely new from the ground up. http://www.guru3d.com/article/bfg-es-800-watt-psu-review/9 http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardw...-review-10.html http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/BFG/ES-800_800W/6.html http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html...W50aHVzaWFzdA==
  15. My vote is for the XFX GTX 260 Black Edition.
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