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As the title says, I wanna buy a 22" lcd monitor, and i don't wanna regret my decision later, so i need your opinions.

The monitor will be used mostly for gaming / movies (no graphic stuff; DVI required).

I've read lots of reviews and comments, and i narrowed my selection down to LG or Samsung, more likely Samsung.

So, to make this simple and less boring, i have to choose between the following 3 monitors: 2232 / 2243 / 2253.

If you have other monitors that you would recommend, bring it on, but only with good reasoning or personal experience :P


Thx a lot, and sorry for another boring topic (i know, i've read them all)


LE: i wanna order it today, so i need to decide asap :)

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Well i got the 2253BW, with a CMO panel, made in Romania. I bought it from Saturn (germany) for 220 euros. I was waiting for something really bad for a CMO panel, but it rly disappointed me, in the good way, because i am satisfied with how it looks. Colors are okay, after a few minutes of amateur screen calibration, the colors were really good, the screen is bright even without the magicbright and magictune stuff, i didn't activate those. Backlight bleeding is noticeable, but only on black background, on top and a bit on the bottom of the screen over like half a cm width, so it's really no trouble at all, only if you want a perfect monitor, which doesn't exist. The controls on the monitor are a bit hard to reach, because they are hidden under it, but u don't have to use them that much. No ghosting or w/e in games/movies, performs really good. The thing that i don't like on it, is the stand, which isn't adjustable, and it's a bit short.


Here are some pics with it:




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