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BSOD & reboots is chipset fried?

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I have a DFI Lanparty UT MB that started making chipset fan noise a few months ago. However ,the fan still worked fin so I forgot about it.


A few weeks ago I started getting the BSOD but thought it had to do with my cpu and video card being overclocked and thought nothing of it. Especially after I put the CPU & video card back to standard clock speed.


However, over the weekend the BSOD came back in full force and I started getting random reboots. Then, I lost my video and when I rebooted it would come back but then the system would shut down or reboot after about 2 minutes.


I looked inside my case and noticed that the chipset fan is not spinning. Is my chipset fried? If so, can I replace the chipset or should I just replace the board.


Any thoughts?

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That was the first thing I tried when the system booted-up with a blank screen. It didn't help. From looking on the DFI forum fan failure seems to be an issue. Looks like I'll be purchasing a new MB. I probably should have started inspecting things after the BSOD and not hearing the fan make it's whine.


Thanks for your input radodrill.

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I found the info here:




I'll give the long clear a shot tonight.


I'll hazard a guess and say that the chipset maybe going into a "protective" mode and shutting the board down due to the temp increase? And if so that doing a long CMOS clear would reset the chipset and allow proper boot-up if it is not damaged.


If this works I'll shut the PC down and go get a new fan at Compusa.


Thanks for the info.


Oh, I'd have t osee what the warranty is on this board. I bought it 9/06.

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